10% off first Whole Foods order thru PrimeNOW

This offer only applies to Prime members are PrimeNOW, as the name suggests, is only available to Prime members. Whole Foods (WF) is now integrated more and more with Amazon and Whole Foods products can be purchased through Prime NOW. If you haven’t yet made a WF purchase through PrimeNOW, they are running a limited time promotion until April 8 in 2018. Coupon code WFM10SF gets you 10% off your first order at WF through PrimeNOW!

PrimeNOW is a local and regional service, so YMMV! The terms and conditions are in fine print [why are they doing them in smaller type since the web has infinite scrolling space?] towards the bottom of the post. There is seems to suggest that this offer is only running in Atlanta and the San Francisco Bay Area.

PrimeNOW has free delivery with $35+ orders. Tipping is expected since it is seen in the same vein as pizza delivery and such. But no one is forcing you to tip 🙂