11oz Old Dutch Cast Iron Tokyo Teapot for $12

If you like to brew tea in iron, and you want a small single-serve type of a iron teapot (not tea kettle) the black Old Dutch Cast Iron Tokyo Teapot is currently on sale for around $12 at amazon.com. There are two options, the fulfilled by Amazon (sold by other seller) is $12~, while Amazon’s own price is $13.

If you are not familiar with iron tea-related gear, this is not a tea kettle, in other words, this should not be used on the stove to boil water. This is used to brew tea. You put tea leaves in the included strainer and brew it. It is enameled inside to prevent rusting. You must boil the water elsewhere, with other appliances.

Also note this is 11 ounces, it LOOKS bigger in the pictures than it actually is. 11 oz is less than 1.5 standard cups. A can of Coke holds slightly more (12oz).

Another thing to note, iron is HEAVY. It will weigh a lot more than a similarly sized ceramic or glass teapot.

PS: if you are not familiar with the terms, Tea-Pot is something you use to brew tea. Tea-Kettle is something used to boil/heat water.