2 oz of Teavana Qi’Lan Fireside Oolong Tea for $2.50 with free shipping

If you like to try out new loose-leaf teas without breaking the bank, this is as close to a free online sample as it can get realistically. Teavana is offering 2oz of their Qi’Lan Fireside Oolong Tea for $2.50. You can buy it in multiples of 2oz or get 1lb for $20. Their website has free standard shipping on all orders until 12/23/15. This tea averages 4.8 out of 5 based on eight customer reviews. And this is just tea leaves, no other ingredients.

Steeping instructions are included on the above page. Their recommendation is 3-5 steeps, so this is quite the bang for the buck tea considering the price, and the fact that this is actual real tea leaves, not a blend of tea leaves and various fruits and vegetables and spices [meow!] 🙂 So if you are a tea purist, this is a hot deal!


As you can see from the screen-shot above, this is part of their Sales promotions, which includes a few other teas that go for under $5 per 2oz, and those are flavored/desserty teas.