20% off Subscribe and Save on many RxBar 12-packs

On Mondays, Amazon often has 12-packs of RxBars as Lightning Deals, but if you need more, or your favorite flavors are not participating, there’s another way to get a good deal on them. Currently Amazon is running a 20% off Clip-On coupon on a “Subscribe and Save” (S&S) subscription for the Chocolate Sea Salt flavor.

The price (as of the time of writing) is $24.69 minus the 20% off coupon, you can get the 12-pack for $19.75, which brings it down to around $1.65 per bar, a pretty good price.

Remember though that “Subscribe and Save” is a subscription, so make sure you adjust it according to your needs. The coupon only works on the initial/first purchase, not on subsequent deliveries. The coupon does not work on the “one time purchase”.

The same 20% off clip-on S&S coupon also works on the Coconut Chocolate flavor and the Blueberry flavor and the Maple sea salt along with the Chocolate Mint and finally Peanut Butter.

Because dates are dominating the flavor, I find the Chocolate Sea Salt and the Coffee flavors to be the best, a level above the rest of the flavors. The dates also make some of the other flavors less tasty, eg blueberries. But to each his or her own of course since taste is very personal and subjective 🙂

Having said all that, as of the time of writing (December 8), the best deal is the Blueberry flavor going for $21.73. Minus 20% off drops it to $17.38, which makes it $1.45 per bar.

The prices to meet or beat are $2 per bar if you live near a Trader Joe, which sells them one by one. However, Trader Joe only has a subset of flavors. Alternately, Whole Foods has the individual bars on sale for $2 each every few weeks. Whole Foods seems to have more flavors, but still not the complete line-up.