20% off Wickedly Prime Teas at Pantry

If you are planning to place an order at Prime Pantry, and you like to try out new teas, especially of the pyramid/sachet kind instead of the flat tea bags, Amazon has 20% off clip-on coupons on a couple of their house brand Wickedly Prime teas through Prime Pantry as follows:

+ “I heart Honeybush for $5.49 minus 20% off coupon = $4.40
+ Honeybush is a slightly sweeter (naturally) relative of rooibos tea, both are naturally without caffeine

+ “Two Mints and a Flower” same pricing as above
+ this has spearmint, peppermint and lavender

+ “Spiced Rooibos Chai Tea” same price same coupon as above

Both of these are organic, and both have additional ingredients so check the label. The chai obviously has all the chai spices, while the Honeybush has flower petals and unspecified “natural flavors”.

All of the above are boxes of 15 sachets (tea pyramids), a good amount for a first time purchase, to give these a try. Keep in mind the coupon discount is on only one box per flavor.

And if you hate paying that $6 box fee for Prime Pantry orders, be sure to check the on-going Buy Five, Get $6 off promotion. And remember, you don’t have to buy five different items. Five of the same eligible item also qualifies you for the $6 off from your order which counters the $6 box fee. The box fee is technically $5.99, so you are making a penny 🙂