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Double ExtraBucks on online CVS purchases (exp 8/29/15)

If you are part of the CVS Rewards program (they call them ExtraBucks), until 8/29/15, they have a special promotion that gets you double the ExtraBucks rewards on orders placed on their website. The usual percentage is 2%. With this offer, they become 4%. In parallel, to encourage the online shopping and use of this promotion, they have coupon SAVE25 that gets you 25% off an order of $49 on more placed at their website.

Sonos PLAY:1 Bundle for $350 (two speakers)

If you want to get started with the Sonos system or want to add more to your setups, authorized dealer is offering for $350 the Sonos PLAY:1 Bundle, two PLAY:1 speaker units. These are not typically sold in pairs because they are not conventional speakers. They are part of the new digital-era single-unit single-room speaker generation. Meaning you would put each one in a different room.

Teavana: Free Shipping with coupon, plus handful of 2oz loose leaf teas for $2 to $4

Good until 8/31/15, coupon code UNWIND gets you free shipping at Teavana. Since you get free shipping without a minimum purchase requirement, this is a perfect time to visit their clearance sale page where you can find 2oz of loose leaf teas ranging from $2 to $4. Flavors include blends such as the “Slimful Chocolate Decadence Oolong Tea” (which sounds quite reasonable at $2.75) to crazy things like “Tomato Lime Cocktail Herbal Tea” ($2).

Other 2oz clearance loose-leaf teas on that page as of the time of writing:

  • Pumpkin Spice Brulee Oolong Tea for $3.25
  • Chocolate Chai Black Tea for $3.25
  • ToLife White Tea for $3.25
  • Orange Chocolate Sweet Spice Herbal Tea for $4
  • they have reviews and ratings on their product page if you are trying to decide which ones of these (from a tea purist perspective) abominations to try 🙂

Aug 23-29: earn 20% Plenti points on Gift Card purchases for Bass Pro, Aeropostale or Bed Bath & Beyond

At Rite Aid stores, for the shopping week of August 23-29 in 2015, if you purchase a $50 Bed Bath and Beyond (BB&Y) gift card, you will receive 1000 Plenti points, which translate to $10 in future purchases. That’s effectively 20% discount, on top of any other discounts you get from coupons at Bed Bath when you start using your gift card. This is a limit two promotion for the week, so if you max out, you get a $100 BB&Y gift card, you pay $100 at Rite Aid, and 2000 points are added to your Plenti account.

In parallel, they have 20% promotions on Bass Pro and Aeropostale gift cards (500 points on $25 gift card), with a limit of two per card as well. You have to pay for the gift cards out of your pocket (not with Plenti rewards).

If you are not familiar with the Plenti rewards program, check our post describing the signing up process.

Free Pre-orders for a limited time: Troubadours mp3-LP and Dr Who e-book (Harper Collins)

For a limited time only, the pre-orders of the following mp3-album and e-book (they will be are paid products eventually) are offered for free for you get e-grab. They are:

  • self-titled mp3-album by The Turnpike Troubadours at Google Play (12 tracks, Sept 18 release – remember new music releases are now out on Fridays)
  • “Doctor Who – the Time Lord letters”, a Harper Collins e-book by Justin Richards on the Kindle (September 29 release)

Remember, these are free only for a limited time. The expiration date of the promotions is not mentioned.

Free “In-Stock” Digital Items as well
A few more free for a limited time offers have surfaced on the interwebs. These digital items are available right away, not pre-orders:

Prime exclusive: Logitech K120 keyboard for $8.50 [limit 5]

Amazon may be dealing with a double edged sword here, they have began offering exclusive offers for Prime members which are not available if you are not a member. This is a plus for members obviously, but they definitely risk alienating a lot of people who are not Prime members. The idea behind this is obviously to nudge more people into trying a Prime membership, but it could backfire. I don’t know. I am a Prime member so it doesn’t bother so, but I don’t know how I would feel if I wasn’t – especially if it was an item I needed or wanted at a good price…

Regardless, that mini essay was to introduce this Prime-exclusive offer, the basic Logitech K120 wired USB keyboard is on sale for $8.50 with free 2-day Prime shipping with a limit of five per customer. Depending on your order and/or location, the shopping cart may also offer you a $5 Prime Pantry credit if you select slow shipping instead. This keyboard, for its price, is doing quite well in reviews, 4.4 out of 5 based on 2200+ of them. Just keep in mind, this is a single figure keyboard, don’t expect miracles 🙂

PS: if you are not a Prime member and/or need a mouse as well as keyboard, you can get the Logitech MK120 keyboard-mouse combo for $14.50 (averages 4.4/5 on 800+ customer reviews).

24oz Adagio Teas PersonaliTea Ceramic Teapot with infuser for $12~

If you are a tea fan, you can never really have enough teapots 🙂 But you don’t have to spend triple figures to feed the addition! The 24oz Adagio Teas PersonaliTea Ceramic Teapot with infuser basket are now on sale as low as $12 and a quarter in the chocolate-brown or blue color schemes at This is available in eight different colors, seven of which are at $14 or less. The one that goes higher is the plum which is out of stock (which may be why it’s higher price).

Now keep in mind this is intended for tea brewing, NOT for boiling water on the stove top. You have to boil water with a tea kettle or with something else, or if you want to use this teapot, put it in the microwave (WITHOUT the metal infuser!). This is confirmed by the product page which says you can use it in the microwave (remove metal part!) or dishwasher.

These colorful teapots are a known entity, they have 360 customer reviews over there with an average of 4.3 out of 5.

You can use the teapot with or without the infuser. Or if you have your own infuser and it somehow fits in, you can use that too. None of them are see-through though, so not a good idea for flowering teas (since you can’t see them).

TIP: If you are a heavy drinking of a variety of teas, this is a good way to color-code the teapots with the tea. Green teapot for green tea, black for black teas, white for white teas, purple/blue for oolong, orange for herbals, and so forth. Of course you can use any color combination as you see it. This is just food for thought (no pun intended).

3pk Samsung Galaxy Note 5 screen protectors for 99c shipped

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone (or planning to purchase it real soon), 99 cents is all it takes to get you three screen protectors for it. Use coupon code QJ3P2Y82 to get this iLLumi Shield 3-pack for $0 plus 99c flat shipping. The seller is Talkie Tech Inc, that’s the one who provides the coupon. Expiration date is unknown.

99c HD movie rentals: “Spare Parts” and “What we do in the shadows”

If you have finished your giant stack of DVDs, watched all the shows on your DVR, went through all the interesting things on Netflix and On-Demand and are looking for something else to watch, Amazon has a couple of movie rentals (in HD) on special for 99c each, for a limited time only. Once you pay, the clock ticks. You have 30 days to start watching them. If you don’t, unfortunately you do not get a refund. The movie industry gets to eat that with glee 🙂 The two movies are:

* “Spare Parts” (2015, 24 hour viewing window, 115 minutes)
* “What We Do In The Shadows” (2015, 48 hour viewing window, 86 minutes)

Refurbished Motorola DROID 4 (XT894; Verizon) for $35

If you are a developer or like to experiment on older smartphones, among the latest trending deals on eBay you can get the manufacturer refurbished Motorola DROID 4 (XT894) for $35 with free shipping.

This is an older phone, and as the Droid in the name strongly suggests, this is a Verizon phone. Old school specs with Android 2.3, 4-inch screen, 16GB on-board, and things like that. It should go without saying, no contract 🙂 Over 6500 units have been sold through this promotion, with a limit of 50 per customer.

64GB iPhone 6 Plus for $800 (unlocked; no contract)

If you are determined to get an iPhone 6 Plus now and not wait to see what Apple rolls out in September 2015, eBay seller DigJungle (99.2%) is offering the new condition 64GB iPhone 6 Plus, factory unlocked, in three color choices, for $800 with free shipping with a limit of two per customer. No contract.

It’s interesting how a 5.5-inch screen is a giant in the world of iPhones/iPods, but just another phone when you factor in Androids 🙂

Refurbished Motorola Moto X (XT1060, first gen; Verizon, GSM unlocked) for $100 to $120

It’s good to have choices. Case in point, the first generation Motorola Moto X, of the Verizon kind with its GSM unlocked, model XT1060, is offered in two conditions. For $100, you can get it seller refurbished by eBay seller “mobilepros1” (97.6%) in either black or white. Or for $120, you can get it manufacturer refurbished from the same eBay seller.

As a refresher, this is a Snapdragon S4 Pro phone, with Kitkat and plans for a Lollipop upgrade. It has a 4.7-inch screen and 16GB on-board among other things. There’s plenty written about it. No contract!

Free Amazon Dash with AmazonFresh order

If you are planning to place an AmazonFresh order, hold on to your horses! Amazon has a limited time offer that gets you a free Dash button when you place an AmazonFresh order. Offer ends 8/24/15. You must be a Prime member in a region that offers this service. Limit one per customer.

The usual amazonFresh terms apply, you must place a $50+ order and if you are a Prime member (but not a Prime Fresh member), you must pay a flat $8 delivery fee. You must manually claim the offer first. You can use your regular Amazon account to sign-in at AmazonFresh which uses a green color-scheme instead of the good old gold-yellow of Amazon.

LG G Flex 2 (H950, unlocked, no contract) for $290

Start singing Duran Duran’s “The Reflex” because here comes the Flex screen! Among the latest spotlight deals on The eBay, you can get the new condition with one year LG warranty LG G Flex 2 (H950) smartphone (unlocked, 4G LTE, platinum-silver) for $290 with free shipping, no contract, and a limit of five per customer. The eBay seller offering this is QualityCellz (99.2%). Nearly 1000 units sold so far from this listing.

This phone’s claim to fame is of course its curved OLED display and shape. This was a former AT&T phone but it is sold unlocked. It can be upgraded to Android 5.1.1, and features a 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 screen. It is powered by the SnapDrogon (ha!) 810 processor with 3GB RAM and 32GB on-board. Despite the curvature, they still managed to squeeze in a microSD slot that eats up to 128GB cards.

So many smartphone temptations these days! And you can put them to work – for $120 you can get the limited time T-Mobile plan (deadline to sign up is 9/8/15) that gets you 10GB per line per month for four lines, with unused data rolling over and smartphone hotspot finally included without annoying restrictions. If nothing else, you can designate one of those four phones/lines as a dedicated hotspot. Perhaps find one with a solid battery life for this task.

Costco members: Pay $80 Get $100 in Gift Cards from either Peets or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

If you are a Costco member, you can get great deals without even setting foot in the crowded and almost-always busy mega-stores. Case in point, their website has two gift card promotions with a nice 20% discount. You pay $80, and receive $100 in gift cards for either Peet’s Coffee or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. You receive multiple gift cards (five from Peets, four from CBTL that total $100). These are “real” gift cards, not promotional codes, so they don’t expire and have the consumer protections of gift cards as set forth by your state and the retailer.

If you are not a Costco member, you can still purchase these, but you pay a 5% surcharge, so that’s $84 for $100, a 16% discount. Now if you are a regular Peet’s shopper, you have to trade it off with the in-store promotion where you get a free medium drink (of any kind) when you load or reload $25 to your gift card. If you use your freebie on a more expensive drink (eg $5), it comes out to about 20% off as well.