20oz Contigo Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug for $9.34

Travel cups are all the rage these days! And sales too! The 20oz Contigo Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug in the Gunmetal color scheme is currently on sale for $9.34 with free shipping for Prime members (or with a $35+ order) at Amazon by Amazon actual. Here’s how it looks:

This is a SnapSeal model, so it has its own rather unique way of dealing with the lid. Here’s a picture showing how to use it. The stickers are on the actual product. They don’t want to risk people returning it because they can’t guess how to use it 🙂 [this is a good thing, it’s better to over-explain than not explain!]

This is not the only model on sale. Peruse the different options at Amazon. For example, this Vivacious red goes for $10. If you want a slightly larger capacity, the 24oz “Stormy Weather” (some kind of a metallic blue?) goes for $11.12.


It’s a good thing they stuck to the standard coffee house sizes, 16oz is the Starbucks Grande after all 🙂 Another benefit is that some coffee houses, big and small, give you a small discount if you bring your own cup. So this will pay for itself. For example, Starbucks and Peets give you 10c off per purchase. So this will pay for itself in around 100 purchases 🙂

TIP: if you switch between coffee and tea or other delicate beverages, it is a good idea to have two. Use one for coffee, and another for tea. Coffee can overwhelm the flavor. And while stainless steel does not “drink” the drink like other material, coffee can find its way in the tiniest of nooks and crannies of a cup and lid.

TIP #2: if you want to have your own unique color combination, buy two different colors and switch the lids. So you can have a blue body with a red lid, and a red body with a blue lid 🙂