30% off one TV Season at Google Play (exp 12/2/15)

The Google Play store has a new promotion, you can get 30% off the current price of a single TV season. To do that, you must go to the TV/Movies section of their website or using the Google Play app, locate this offer, and manually opt-in. You will see a menu like this:


After you click Continue, the offer is added to your account, and if you look at the “My Account” page with a web browser, this offer shows under the “Rewards” section. It expires by 12/2/15.


You can decide on which purchase to apply when you make a purchase. However (there’s always a however it seems), it looks like prices went up for single TV seasons. For example, the full season 1 of the brand new TV series “The Expanse” (pilot episode is FREE) increased from $20 to $25. Using this promotion drops it to $17.50. So it’s still less, but not as big of a discount 🙂