99c HD Movie Rentals at Amazon (limited time offer)

If you like to rent movies digitally (and you actually end up watching them within the 30 days before they expire), Amazon has a hot new 99c Weekend Rental promotion. These are ad-free movies in HD that you can watch at some point within 30 days after you rent them. If you don’t watch them, you don’t get a refund, you lose the money.

There are some well-known movies, no blockbusters obviously, but still recognizable, such as:

  • “Allegiant”, part of the Divergent series
  • “Keanu”, from the Key and Peele duo, also of original MadTV fame
  • “Dirty Grandpa”, De Niro and Efron, G-d Save us all from this movie 🙂
  • “Money Monster”, “Marauders”, “Criminal” and more

TIP: Better yet, if you are a Prime member, you can automatically use the “slow shipping” digital credits towards the payment for these rentals, so you may end up paying nothing out of your pocket if you have some credit. It is typically $1 per slow-shipment, so it’s essentially one movie per credit. The credits do expire eventually, so if you are close to expiration (check the emails that Amazon sends when these are earned, there is no simple way to get to the expiration dates as far as I know), this may be one way to use them without spending any additional money.

PS: you can rent as many of these as you want.