[DEAD] B&M: $60 off Kindle e-reader if purchased together with Fire HD 7

This weekly offer at Staples stores expired, but since many of their offers are of the recurring variety, it is possible that it may return at some point in the future…

Staples brick and mortar stores, for the week of Dec 28 until the close of business on Saturday 1/2/15, are offering a combo deal. If you purchase the 6-inch Kindle Basic Touchscreen e-reader together in the same transaction as any of the 7-inch Fire HD (2014 models), you save $60 off the purchase price. The ereader in question goes for $80, so you are essentially “making it a combo” by adding to your 7-inch Fire HD purchase for $20 more. This does not appear to be offered on their website, but it is on the back page of their weekly circular ad.

Inventory may vary from store to store. I don’t know if the offer is live on every region – I can’t enter every zipcode and view every ad. Both are 2014 models. Amazon switched the naming of their 2014 tablets from “Kindle Fire” to “Fire”, so when you read “Fire HD” it means one of the 2014 models.