Buy $50 in Gift Cards, Get $10 Lucky Gift Card

If you live in near a Lucky’s B&M grocery store, and you need to buy some gift cards, you can get a $10 Lucky’s store gift card. The $50 gift cards can be a combination of big chain stores, including Best Buy, Lowe’s, Macy’s, Bed Bath, and more! Details in their weekly ad and their B&M stores.

The $10 Lucky gift card you get is not a coupon code. It’s an actually gift card that the cashier loads up with $10. You can use it yourself or hand it off to someone else. I did this promotion the last time they had a similar offer. This is the gift card below:

This promotion runs between August 23-29 in 2017. You can up to $200 in gift cards per transaction. Not sure whether the bonus is loaded on a single Lucky’s gift car or you get separate $10 ones. The promotion I did was a $50 gift card only.

Strategically, don’t forget to pay for this with a credit card that has the higher percentage of cashback on groceries. The AMEX Blue has a permanent 3% or if you have the version with the annual fee, you get 6%. Not bad 🙂