Buy $50+ in select Gift Cards, Get $10 off your next grocery purchase at Lucky’s

There is a very nice gift promotion at Lucky’s stores until 2/14/17 (yes, a Valentine’s Seasonal promotion). If you buy $50 or more from a list of eligible gift cards, which include Starbucks, Best Buy, Macy’s and Kohls), the cash register will print a coupon at checkout that gets you $10 off your next grocery purchase at Lucky’s stores. So you will pay full price for the gift cards. The list of eligible ones can be seen in the screenshot below:

You can get to $50 with any combination, one card from one retailer, multiple cards from the same retailer, or multiple cards from multiple retailers. If you plan to buy $100 or more, you may want to buy them in two separate transactions, so you can get two $10 off coupons.

“Next purchase” means you can turn around after buying the gift cards and start shopping groceries to spend the $10 coupon right away. You don’t have to come back at a later day. Even if you don’t need/want to buy anyone else a gift card, you can use these yourself. For example, you can load the Starbucks card into the app, and it will spend itself in Cascara Lattes and the like 🙂