Coupon returns: 25% off for new customers

If you are in love with RxBars or want to try them for the first time, AND you haven’t made a purchase yet at the RxBar online store, we have good news for you! Coupon code rxbarnew17 is back and it gets you 25% off your order. You have to be a first time shopper at their website for the coupon to work. Details in our previous RxBar Mega-Post

6pk of 40ct Celestial Seasonings Wellness Tea “Sleepytime Extra” for $31.50

If you are a fan of Celestial Seasonings and their “Sleepytime Extra” time, part of their “Wellness Tea” line of products, they currently have a special 20% off clip-on coupon promotion at, dropping the price from $39~ to $31.50 with a “normal” purchase, and slightly less if you do the “Subscribe and Save”.

This bundle is a 6-pack. Each pack has 40 tea bags, not the usual 20. So for $31.50 you are getting 240 tea bags, that makes it 13 cents per teabag.

6pk Celestial SleepyTime Peach Tea for $15 after coupon

Sleeping with the peaches? Well sort of 🙂 Thanks to a limited time 20% off clip-on coupon, you can get the 6pk of Celestial Seasonings “Sleepytime Peach” tea for $15 with “Subscribe and Save” and a few pennies more with a normal Amazon purchase. This comes out to around $2.50 per box. Each box has the customary 20 tea bags. It averages 5 out of 5 so far, but based on only five customer reviews. Its 5s everywhere 🙂

6pk of 4.4oz Walkers Shortbread Mini Cookies for $14

Don’t buy these unless you have iron will! A six-pack of Walkers Shortbread Mini Fingers (4.4 ounce bag) is on sale for $14~ with free shipping for Prime members by Amazon actual or even less if you do the “Subscribe and save”. This comes out to $2 and change for each 4.4 ounce bag. Each bag contains 24 mini cookies.

PRO TIP: you can use this as a long-term food-discipline exercise. One mini cookie per day until you run out. If you eat more than one, then you have to give the rest of it away to another person or take it to work or donate it 🙂

24pk Milky Way 100 Calorie Bars for $12

Get your sweet tooth fix one-hundred calories at a time with this new old-favorite arrival at Amazon! It is a 24-pack of Milky Way 100 for $12 with free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order. This is a normal Amazon purchase, not Pantry, not Fresh, not Subscribe-n-Save 🙂 You don’t have to be a math major to figure out it comes out to 50 cents per candy bar at this price 🙂

6pk Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Granola Bars for $10 after coupon

Thanks to a limited time 30% off clip-on in-cart coupon, you can get a 6-pack of Nature Valley Granola Oat Bars of the better-tasting Dark Chocolate kind for $10. The price before the coupon is $15. It is slightly less if you do a “Subscribe and Save”. This brings one package under $2, which is my “buy it now” price.

Each box contains six individually sealed wrappers. Each wrapper has two thin bars. Most people will eat both bars from a wrapper, so you are getting six servings. But no one is stopping you from eating only one bar, or half a bar 🙂

So to summarize, you are getting 36 individual wrappers, or 72 actual granola bars.

Earnest Eats and GFB Bars join the $2 Nutrition Bar Samples

Two more brands have joined the party in the very populous Amazon “Granola and Nutrition Bars” $2 samples category! The new additions are from Earnest Eats and Gluten Free Bar (GFB).

+ Earnest Eats Baked Whole Food Bar, Choco Peanut Butter, 1.9 Ounce
+ Cranberry Lemon Zest – 1.9 oz

+ GFB High Protein Bites, Dark Chocolate Coconut, 4 Ounce
+ GFB Oatmeal Power Breakfast, Apple Cinnamon, 2 Ounce
+ GFB Chocolate Peanut Butter, 2.05 Ounce

As with other samples, you can spend/redeem your $2 credits later on any of the brands eligible for redemption. So this is a good opportunity to try different things but use your credits to buy your favorites. For example, if you are a fan of RxBars, you can buy every single $2 sample from every available different brand, and spend all your credit on the eligible RxBar 12-packs. Nom-nom-nom 🙂

18pk Wolfgang Puck Breakfast in Bed K-Cups for $3.50

Wolfgang Puck won’t make this coffee and bring it to your bed 🙂 It’s just a name. Thanks to a 30% off clip-on coupon, you can get this 18-count of K-Cup coffee from Wolfgang Puck’s line called “Breakfast in Bed” for $3.50 instead of $5. This is the regular purchase. You can save a bit more if you do the “Subscribe and Save” thing.

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1 lb Frontier Co-Op Peppermint (Loose Leaf) for $10.50

If you are a fan of peppermint tea, there’s a nice deal at the moment at Amazon! You can get One pound in bulk packaging of Frontier Co-Op, organic, cut and sifted, for $10.50 (Prime shipping), or $10 if you do a “Subscribe and Save”. You can get up to ten of these at the sale price. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration time is unknown.

This appears to be a popular option as it averages 4.7 out of 5 based on nearly 300 customer reviews and it has 23 answered questions.

This is loose leaf peppermint tea, not in tea bags. If you only sometimes want to drink this with a tea bag, you can always buy T-Sacs

16oz Organic Cinnamon from Amazon house brand for $4.49

If you like organic cinnamon, the time is right to stock up! Amazon’s own house brand “Happy Belly” (they have so many of them these days) is offering 16 ounces of organic cinnamon for $4.49 with up to four of these per customer at the sale price. These are offered from the “normal” Amazon website, not Prime Pantry, not Amazon Fresh. Better yet, they are not currently marked as an Add-On item, so even one of them gets you free shipping. Shhh, don’t tell the Amazon price bots this 🙂

Buy Five Quaker Instant Oatmeals, Get Free Prime Pantry Shipping

We have a union of the two towers type of an offer! Oatmeal on sale with an clip-on coupon AND a promotion that gets you free shipping for your Prime pantry offer! Let’s start from the beginning…

The Apples and Cinnamon flavor of the Quaker Instant Oatmeals (the ones you can make with boiling water, no stove, no microwave) have a 15% off clip-on coupon. Their price before the coupon is $2.59 for a 10-packet box. With the coupon, they drop to around 20 cents per packet, a pretty decent price for instant-oatmeal.

But these have a magical property! They are eligible for the Prime Pantry Buy Five, Get $6 off promotion. You don’t have to buy five different products. Five of the same product also work, so five boxes of oatmeal is all it takes to get you free shipping for your whole Prime pantry order.

On the other hand, if you prefer the 1-minute oatmeals (you have to use either the stovetop or the microwave, no boiling water option), the 18 ounce canister goes for $2.48 and it is also eligible for the “Buy 5 Get $6 off” promotion. This one does not have a clip-on coupon.

PS: the Original Quaker Oats (no sugar added; you can sweeten it yourself as little or much as you want) also has the 15% off clip-on coupon which is nice, but it is not eligible for the “Buy 5 Get $6 off”, so it won’t get you free shipping. But you can always add it to your order if you are buying other things that get you free shipping (or if you don’t mind paying the $6 box delivery fee).

New Amazon $8 Gatorade Nutrition (non-liquid) sample box [Prime only; Free Shipping]

If you are a fan of Gatorade and an Amazon Prime member, you’ve found the right spot! Amazon has launched a new Gatorade Sample Box. You pay $8 with free standard shipping (you can’t check the shipping speed on Amazon Samples), and for that you receive a box of Gatorade nutrition samples. The page above shows five different items, including protein bars, chews and powders. You may receive a slightly different selection depending on what’s available at the warehouse.

Then, after this order ships, you will receive an email from Amazon informing you that a $8 credit has been automatically applied to your Amazon account (no coupon code is needed). You can spend this credit on 90+ eligible Gatorade nutrition products. These are mostly solids, not liquid Gatorade bottle. The spending happens automatically in the shopping cart as long as you have eligible products in there.

So assuming you can spend the $8 sample credit on products you like or want or need, then you’ll getting the samples for free in a roundabout way.

I’ve done multiple samples boxes and individual samples, they work like clockwork. It’s a pretty good way to try new items and stock up on your favorites. On rare occasion a product may qualify for multiple categories, so it may pull multiple sample credits (which means you pay even less out of pocket).

Select RX Bar flavors under $20

If you are a fan of RXbars (I am!) there are three flavors at moment of their 12-packs that are currently going under $20 at Amazon as a regular purchase (not a “Subscribe and Save”) as follows:

I am listing them in the order that I like them 🙂

  1. Chocolate Coconut
  2. Mint Chocolate
  3. Mixed Berry (I’m a bit surprised I don’t like it more)

Free shipping for these for Prime members or with an order of $25+. As of the time of writing there’s a limit of ten 12-packs per flavor per customer. Note however that their prices change early and often at Amazon, so it may be different by the time you read this post.

12 ounce Peets Brazil Minas Naturais (Ground) for $3.79

Experience real fresh coffee! It’s Peet’s time! Especially if you don’t have a Peet’s coffee shop near you, the internets can save you! Amazon is currently offering the Brazil Minas Naturais medium-roast Peet’s coffee in the iconic Peets coffee bag for $3.79. This is ground coffee. You can buy up to four bags at this sale price.

This is a regular Amazon purchase, not the darned “Subscribe and Save”, HOWEVER, this is an Add-On product, so you must needs make a purchase of at least $25 in eligible products (things that are shipped or fulfilled by Amazon actual).

This is a limited time offer, but not a lightning deal, so I have no idea how long it will last.

3.5 pound Big Train Spice Chai Latte Bag for $17

If you are making spiced chai lattes by the gallon [literally, not figuratively] and want a volume buy, at the moment, Amazon actual is offering a Big Train 3.5 pound bag of it for $18~ as a one time purchase or $17~ with the Subscribe-and-Save discount. It averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 15 customer reviews.

Note that this is a lot, so if you are not making it like crazy, you are better off buying in smaller quantities (fresher).