Select RX Bar flavors under $20

If you are a fan of RXbars (I am!) there are three flavors at moment of their 12-packs that are currently going under $20 at Amazon as a regular purchase (not a “Subscribe and Save”) as follows:

I am listing them in the order that I like them 🙂

  1. Chocolate Coconut
  2. Mint Chocolate
  3. Mixed Berry (I’m a bit surprised I don’t like it more)

Free shipping for these for Prime members or with an order of $25+. As of the time of writing there’s a limit of ten 12-packs per flavor per customer. Note however that their prices change early and often at Amazon, so it may be different by the time you read this post.

12 ounce Peets Brazil Minas Naturais (Ground) for $3.79

Experience real fresh coffee! It’s Peet’s time! Especially if you don’t have a Peet’s coffee shop near you, the internets can save you! Amazon is currently offering the Brazil Minas Naturais medium-roast Peet’s coffee in the iconic Peets coffee bag for $3.79. This is ground coffee. You can buy up to four bags at this sale price.

This is a regular Amazon purchase, not the darned “Subscribe and Save”, HOWEVER, this is an Add-On product, so you must needs make a purchase of at least $25 in eligible products (things that are shipped or fulfilled by Amazon actual).

This is a limited time offer, but not a lightning deal, so I have no idea how long it will last.

3.5 pound Big Train Spice Chai Latte Bag for $17

If you are making spiced chai lattes by the gallon [literally, not figuratively] and want a volume buy, at the moment, Amazon actual is offering a Big Train 3.5 pound bag of it for $18~ as a one time purchase or $17~ with the Subscribe-and-Save discount. It averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 15 customer reviews.

Note that this is a lot, so if you are not making it like crazy, you are better off buying in smaller quantities (fresher).

12oz Chipotle Mayo for $3 [YMMV]

This is a YMMV offer because it keeps going in and out of stock. Perhaps this is how Amazon’s bots try to slow down the purchasing so more people can get a shot at it? I don’t know, but that’s why I’m saying YMMV!

For $2.83, you can a 12 ounce Just Chipotle Mayo, a non-GMO, with no eggs, no dairy, no soy and no gluten. This is made by Hampton Creek.

NOTE that you only get ONE 12 ounce bottle. That little “6 pack” in the first gallery picture is in error! They may have been selling them as 6-packs before, but now, per the reviews and answered questions, you only get one. The listing must have been changed because under shipping weight it says five pounds. However, recent purchases and reviews note that they only received ONE!

So to summarize, you will only receive one 12oz bottle. IF you receive a six-pack instead, it’s “Happy Birthday” to you 🙂

This is an Add-ON item, so you must place a $25+ order is Amazon shipped/fulfilled items. You can get up to four of these at the sale price, so you’ll still need to buy something else to get to $25+…

AMEX Offers: Spend $50+ at GNC Website, Get $10 Statement Credit

The clock is ticking on this offer! You have until 1/31/18 to spend $50+ at the GNC website, and receive a $10 statement credit on your American Express credit card. This too is part of the AMEX offers, and BEFORE you make a purchase, you MUST first activate the offer in your American Express account by pressing the little “Add to Card” button at the Offers page or using the AMEX app!

This offer is only good for their website, NOT their brick and mortar stores. You can get to $50+ in multiple transactions, it doesn’t have to be a single $50+ purchase. But this must be done by 1/31/18, thus the clock is ticking 🙂

RxBar Sampler (six flavors) for $6 w/free S&H

Curious about RXbars but don’t want to commit to a big order or to a single flavor? If you haven’t made a purchase at their website yet, they have a promotion for NEW customers! You can buy a 6-Bar Sampler for $6 with free shipping. There’s no coupon needed, just add the sampler six-pack to your cart and proceed to checkout. You will receive six different flavors, including my all time favorite “Chocolate Sea Salt”.

These are simple ingredient bars, with the only “offensive” ingredient being natural flavors in some of them. The rest of “real food”, dates, almonds, egg whites, etc. All of them have dates (it’s the glue that keeps them together), so if you don’t like dates or you are allergic to dates, keep that in mind!

These typically go for $2+, so paying $1 per bar, and getting free shipping is a pretty good deal.

24-pack of single serve 100 Calories Snickers for 29c per bar after coupon

Thanks to a limited time 20% off clip-on coupon at Amazon, you can get the 24-pack of Snickers Single Serve 100 Calories for $7~ after the coupon. The coupon is based on the price (currently $8.81), so if the price change, the discount will change as well, since the coupon is a percentage of the price, not a fixed sale price.

This averages to around 29 cents for each individual Snickers bar. That’s a pretty good price as long as you stick to one bar at time, not a handful 🙂 These average 3.8 out of 5 based on 64 customer reviews. These are the classic peanut snickers.

15% off site-wide at RXBar until 1/22/18

Good until January 22nd at 11:59pm, the RXBar website has a 15% off site-wide sale. The sale price is factored in automatically in the shopping cart, there’s no coupon code needed to enter. Additionally, you get free shipping with orders of $20+, in other words a 12-pack or more.

Subscriptions (similar to Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save”) are NOT eligible for the discount since they get their own discount.

After I got tired of the Kind Bar “Strong and Kind” (the spicy and protein-boosted bars), the RXbars are now my new favorites! I scoop them up whenever there’s a sale.

If you haven’t tried them before, the sell various flavors individually at Trader Joe for $2 each, so that’s a low risk way of trying them.

1 lb Organic Ground Cinnamon for $5 [limit 4]

Cinnamon fans, unite and take over! Amazon is offering their house brand of Happy Belly 1 lb of Organic Ground Cinnamon for $5 with up to four of these per customer at this price.

There is a catch however, they are an add-on item, so you must place a $25+ order, elsewise the shopping cart won’t let you buy them. Four of these are $20~, so you just need another small thing to get to $25+. May I recommend the Sencha Mints or the RXbar 12-packs?

6pk Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints for $4.43

If you are a fan of mints in a tin, grab your Amazon wallets! They are back on sale again, you get a SENCHA NATURALS Green Tea Mints (Moroccan Mint) for $4.43, with up to four bundles per customer. $4.43 gets you SIX tins of mints, not one!

I bought this the previous time they were on sale, here’s what your $4 gets you. Six tins sealed together in a nice little cardboard-y box. Not a bad idea as a gift either. Or if you want to “send a message” to someone about their mouth “aromas” 🙂

You can easily pay close to $4 for a single tin at coffee shop and health-centric retailers! Instead you get six of them. Or if you want to max out, you can get 24 tins for under $18.

They are however an Add-On item, so your total order must be $25+, otherwise the Amazon shopping cartt won’t let you buy them.

12pk RxBar Peanut Butter Chocolate for $18 [limit 4]

Rxbars, another deal is here! In addition to the previously mentioned Mixed Berries, Amazon also has a sale on the Peanut Butter Chocolate 12-pack for $18. No coupon needed, no Subscribe and Save needed, but this is currently restricted to Prime members. It comes out to $1.50 per bar, which is a pretty good price for these! Limit four 12-packs per customer at this sale price.

This is a nice mix of chocolate and peanut butter, “facilitated” by the underlying date flavor that dominates most of these bars. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, and I’m typically not the #1 fan of all things peanuts 🙂

This is a relatively new flavor, thus the sale to encourage more people to give it a try.

12pk RXBar Mixed Berries for $15.30 after coupon

If you are a fan of the RXBars, grab your wallets and run to Amazon, where thanks to a 15% off clip-on coupon, you can get a 12-pack of RXBar Mixed Berries for $15.30 after the clip-on coupon. This is the normal purchase. The “Subscribe and Save” is about a dollar less.

Both the price of the 12-pack and the coupon are running separately from each other. For example, the price of the RXbars can go up and down. The discount will be a flat 15% off on the current price, not a fixed discount.

Note also that the coupon only works for items sold and shipped by Amazon actual. Marketplace sellers are not eligible for the 15% off coupon.

FREE Hershey’s Gold chocolate bar w/Lucky Rewards

You get GOLD! Well, sort of! If you are a Lucky’s Rewards member, logon to your Lucky rewards account before the end of day on Sunday 12/24/17 and look under the offers. One of them is a FREE 1.4 ounce bar of the brand new Hershey’s Gold chocolate bar. Add the offer to your account, and then visit a local Lucky’s store and get it for FREE! You have to get it by the close of business on Sunday 12/24/17.

You have to enter your reward number (phone number typically) or scan your rewards card at checkout, so their computer will recognize the offer and make it a freebie. Note that Sunday is Christmas Even, so depending on when you go and how busy it is, the lines may be long, so keep that in mind if you are planning to go out of your way to go there just for the free chocolate bar 🙂

15% off Amazon coupon for RxBars

Amazon has a brand new 15% off digitally-clip green-colored coupon on select RXbar protein bar 12-packs. Better yet, along with the coupon, the Peanut Butter flavor is discounted to $22.44 as a normal purchase or $21.32 as a subscribe and save. These prices are _before_ the 15% off coupon is factored in. So that’s a pretty good value, dropping them under $20 for the 12-pack!

Use their search bar over there to check the prices of your other favorites. Remember, the clip-on coupon only works when Amazon actual is the seller, not when marketplace sellers are the sellers of record.

But wait, there’s more! If you’ve never purchased RXbars before from the official RxBar website (Chicago Bar Company), they have a new customer coupon code that gets you 12 bars for $20 with free shipping in the six flavor sampler pack.

Christmas Coupon: $10 off $100+ orders at Smart & Final

If you are a fan of Smart and Final, don’t throw away the weekly grocery ad circulars just yet! The front page of the Smart and Final circular has a circular-exclusive coupon that gets you $10 off on purchases of $100+ at your local Smart and Final store. The coupon works for five days, December 20-24 in 2017. The usual coupon exclusions apply (gift cards, alcohol, fluid dairy, etc).

You won’t find the coupon in the ads inside the stores, so you have to use the coupon from their ads found in the weekly mailbox circulars. That’s based on what the ad says. The offer has not gone live yet as of the time of writing (it is Tuesday night; the offer goes live on Wednesday morning).