AMEX Offer: Spend $75+ at Reebok, Get $15 Statement Credit

This is a potentially practical American Express offer. If you make purchases (they can be more than one) of $75+ total by September 4 in 2017 at Reebok’s website or their brick and mortar stores, you will receive a one-time $15 Statement Credit to your American Express account.

The offer only works at Reebok stores, not at any other shoe seller or department store. If you have multiple AMEX credit cards, make sure you pay with the one you activate the offer with, otherwise you won’t receive the statement credit.

Discover Q4 5% Cashback Credit Card Rewards feature Target and Amazon

This year has flown by real fast. We are not that far away from the 2017 Holiday shopping season and with that we have the fourth quarter credit card rewards ready for activation! Discover has an even better fourth quarter in 2017, you will get 5% cashback on purchases at both Amazon and Target, two of the biggest online and offline retailers out there.

As usual, there is a limit of $1500 in spending per quarter per credit card account. If you have multiple Discover cards, each one has its own limit of $1500. Purchases made above $1500 will earn the standard cashback amount you get on everyday purchases. So the maximum Cashback Bonus from this promotion is $75.

You can activate this right now in your Discover account or app, BUT purchases will count for the 5% rewards for the 4th quarter, which is October 1st until December 31st in 2017.

Buy $50 in select Gift Cards [includes Starbucks], Get $10 Lucky Store Gift Card

This is a great deal, especially for frequent Starbucks drinkers! Lucky has brought back their gift card bonus promotion, running between August 2-15 in 2017. When you buy $50 in select gift card, the cash register will spit out a $10 Lucky’s Gift card for you. So you pay the full price ($50) for the gift cards, but the next time you shop at Lucky’s, you can get $10 off your purchase!

Participating stores include Starbucks which is great, since you can load these gift cards to your account and earn the various Starbucks Rewards promotions as well. It’s like getting a 20% off on every Starbucks purchase made with this card! NICE!

The promotion also includes Kohl’s, Macys, GAP, Bed-Bath-and-Beyond and more! Check their ad or stores for more details!

There is a maximum of $200 in gift cards purchased per transaction, but there’s no limit on how many times you can do this.

PS: I don’t know if Lucky’s accepts credit cards as a payment option for gift cards. If they do, you can also pay with a credit card that gives you more than 1% in grocery store purchases! For example, the AMEX Blue Cash has 3% at the $0 membership tier, and 6% at the premium membership tier.

The savings and rewards do add up if you pay attention 🙂

Plenti: Earn 8X Points on Apple Online store purchases

Discounts and coupons are rare at Apple, so this may be a great promotion if you are planning online Apple purchases and you are participating in the Plenti rewards program! There is a new offer available there, which you must manually activate in your Plenti account first, that gets you 8X points on purchases made at the Apple online store. That’s 8% of your purchase! That’s pretty, pretty, pretty good!

Once activate in your account, the offer ends on 08/10/2017 8:59pm MST. Detailed terms and conditions are available over there.

Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button for 99c after coupon

For a limited time only, coupon code SWEET99 gets you the Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button for $0.99 instead of its usual price of $4.99. You will still earn a $4.99 Amazon store credit after the first time you place an order using this button. The offer expires by 7/26/17 at 11:59pm pacific (or earlier if sold out).

The Surprise Dash button is different from all the other buttons because you don’t know exactly what you are going to receive. It will be something, a box of sweets, but you don’t know which one. There are many varieties available, but you don’t decide which one you get. Amazon’s computers or randomness decides. It’s a bit like a Sample Box in that regard.

The Sweets Surprise Box has a flat price of $18 with free shipping. So this promotion only makes sense if you are (or were) planning to order this box. Otherwise you’ll end up having the Dash button and being 99c short 🙂

PS: if you’ve never used a Dash button before, fear not! I just received my first Dash button and I will post a simple explainer post on how to use it! Stay tuned for that.

PS2: I am tempted by this but I am (as of the time of writing) resisting the temptation 🙂

PS3: the Dash buttons (including this one) are all exclusive to Prime members.

Walgreens Balance Rewards will now expire on a 12-month rolling basis

If you are participating in the Walgreens “Balance Rewards” program, a chance is coming! Starting August 25 in 2017, your rewards will be expiring after 12 months. This is on a rolling basis depending on when you earned the rewards. This will make it harder to bank reward points so you can redeem them for the bigger and better prizes. This also means that if you don’t pay attention, you will likely lose most of your points.

A little known fact is that you can redeem as little as 1000 points, which may sound like a lot but it’s actually just $1. Walgreens is one of only a few companies that do the sneaky thing of equating 10 points to a penny, making it look like you have a LOT of rewards, when you don’t actually. Most other companies these days are honest enough to do 1 point = 1 penny, which makes it easier for the consumer.

$4 Coloring Book for Angry Adults

Are you angry? Do you feel road rage even while sitting on a comfy couch? Perhaps what you need is a coloring book to channel and release your anger? It is the “Calm Your Tits: 40 Hilarious Road Rage Coloring Book for Adults”, back on sale again, going for just $4 in new condition, in paperback, at

Better yet, there is no realistic limit, you can buy up to 80 units per customer. But even if you get one, and if you are a Prime member, you get free 2-day shipping. Shhh, don’t tell Amazon ~ they are not ADD-ON items at the moment 🙂

It averages 4.8 out of 5 based on ten customer reviews. Note that there is foul language in this, so it may be appropriate for kids or language-sensitive adults!

Big 5 Coupon in Mailbox Mailers: $10 off $30+ at B&M

If you are getting coupon mailers with your mail, don’t toss them away so quickly. One of those, I think those that come in a blue envelope, include a new coupon for BIG 5 brick and mortar stores. You get $10 off a purchase of $30+. The coupon cannot be used online, only at their stores. The coupon I got expires 7/31/17.

Buy Two Google Play Gift Cards, Get $5 Walgreens Gift Card

Good until Saturday night 7/22/17, at your local Walgreens brick and mortar stores, you can get a free $5 Walgreens gift card, if you purchase any two Google Play, or NIKE or Spa Week gift cards. This is promising because there are $10 Google Play gift cards, so you can pay $20 (two $10 gift cards) and get a $5 Walgreens gift card.

Assuming you have no problem spending the Walgreens gift card, that’s a $5 return on a $20 investment, a 25% return or virtual discount, however you want to account for it! You need to be a Walgreens rewards member, which is free to join.

I don’t know how many of these you can do during this week. I haven’t done this yet, but I’m planning to do this (unless I forget).

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Fila Men’s Decimus 3 Training Shoe for $25 w/free S&H

Al Bundy is now an eBay shoe salesman 🙂 It’s another athletic shoe sale from FILA’s eBay Outlet store, it is the new condition (with box) Fila Men’s Decimus 3 Training Shoe on sale for $25 with free shipping for all. It is available in sizes 7 through 13, with some half numbers in-between as well. Limit five per customer. It is only available in one color scheme (white, gray, black).

I’ve had good luck with my two purchases from the FILA eBay Outlet. I haven’t bought this particular shoe, but I have an unboxing post for a different model ~ so you can see what you can expect to receive.

Note that this is not Prime shipping, so if you select the default shipping option it may take up to two weeks depending on where you are. Shoes take up space which means more expensive shipping for faster delivery options 🙂

RoomMates Palm Tree Peel and Stick Wall Mural for $5.50

Sometimes vacation can just be a state of mind. Or simply a picture on the wall. Or a removable wall mural, so you can change locations depending on season or mood 🙂 With all that as intro, we have a pretty good deal at the moment at Amazon if you like peel-and-stick wall papers!

The RoomMates Palm Tree Peel and Stick Wall Mural, model RMK3438PSM, is on sale for $5.50 each, with a limit of half a dozen per customer. This is delivered as two 18×60 inch panels, which, when become 36×60 inches when you stick it to the wall. The assembly is simple, peel and stick. You can remove them at any time and stick them at other locations.

To be clear, you only get one final picture. It comes in two halves. You can’t use the halves on their own since they would be half the picture on the X axis.

There are no customer reviews of this yet. Note however that this is an ADD-ON item at the moment, so you must needs place a $25+ order, otherwise Amazon’s shopping cart will say NYET if you try to buy it.

Free shipping at Peets with coupon until 7/16/17

One of the silver lining of Peet’s Coffee having new rich parents is that it can afford more promotions and take more chances. Although apparently the new rich parents did not give them a big enough allowance to make working apps for iOS and Android *meow*

Anyway, good until 7/16/17, coupon code FREESHIP17 gets you free shipping sitewide at their website. This is especially of interest if you have favorite items you want to buy, or if you want to check what’s on sale/clearance. The $11 travel press-cup, and the $15 tea-press look like good deals with free shipping included.

Fila Men’s Royalty 2 Running Shoes for $22 with free S&H

The FILA eBay Outlet store is proving to be a good source of budget $20-ish exercise shoes. Their latest model on sale is the new condition (in official FILA box) Fila Men’s Royalty 2 Running Shoes offered for $22 with free shipping. They are available in sizes 7-13 and currently have four different color schemes available. Limit five per combo per customer.

I don’t have this particular model, but I purchased two similar models earlier on when they were on sale, the Quadrix and last month I got the Narrow Escape which I even posted an … unboxing blog post 🙂

New Slow-Shipping Option for Prime members: $10 off Mattress or Furniture or Area Rugs

If you are a Prime member, and you like to get little bonuses by selecting slow shipping for your Prime membership, pay attention in the shopping cart, because, depending on your purchase and the Amazon shopping cart algorithms, you may offered a $10 off discount towards the purchase of a Mattress or Furniture or Area Rugs, if you select slow shipping (“no rush shipping”) instead of the 2-day Prime shipping.

This credit must be spend by 9/30/17. If not, it will expire aka evaporate 🙂 It will be applied automatically by the Amazon shopping cart when you have eligible products in your shopping cart. There’s no coupon code to enter.

If their computer deems you are eligible for this offer, it will appear like this in your shopping cart (screenshot below):

Prime Only: 30% off Luxury Beauty Items with In-Cart Discount

As we get closer and closer to the actual PRIME DAY, Amazon keeps starting up more and more deals. This one is of interest if you like Luxury Beauty items. Good until Monday (7/10/17) afternoon at 5:30pm pacific time, you can get 30% off discount in the shipping on select Luxury Beauty items.

There is no coupon to enter. The price will drop in the shopping cart when you reach the Checkout page and you will see the discount factored in the price totaling box on the right hand side of the page (if using a web browser). As usual with these type of deals, they are only good if Amazon actual is the seller. If the same items are offered by marketplace sellers or in non-new condition, the discount will not apply.

NOTE: this offer is restricted to Prime members. But if you see something you must have, you can always start a 30 DAY Free Trial to Prime and join the party. As long as you cancel before the trial is over, you won’t be charged.