Credit Union members: 10% off the $100 Sprint Family Share Plan

If you are a credit union member, the Sprint $100 Family Share Plan is 10% cheaper! If you take advantage of your credit union discount, a 10% off discount on your bill (check with your local credit union or see for details on how to do this), this plan becomes a $90 per month for mobile-data data-hungry users. The usual barrage of taxes and fees and nickle dimers is additional (you can only avoid those with prepaid service).

You get 20GB of total data, and unlimited talk and text, on up to ten lines (phones, tablets, mobile broadband). The free “up to ten lines” is good for the whole of 2015. Starting 1/1/16, you will pay $15 per month per device. This requires a two year contract. You must sign up for this offer by 1/29/15.

Optionally, if you are switching from another carrier, you can get up to $350 in a prepaid VISA gift card to cover ETF or Installment Billing balance. This promotion is independent of the Family Share Plan. Details at this Sprint page.