Fossil 2nd Generation Smartwatch and Hybrid sale

The Fossil Q (second generation; aka previous generation) smartwatch is on sale for $123 and among a number of other FOSSIL smartwatches and hybrids that are on sale through Amazon. Note that you can change watchfaces, so the ones you see in the pictures are not the only options. In other words, don’t decide on a watch based on the advertised watchface.

HOWEVER, keep in mind that their second generation watches are NOT running Android Wear 2.0 (the latest version) and a number of them have a flat tire. So unless you are buying at a specific price-point, or don’t want to wait for further sales in the next few weeks/months, you may want to go for the newer models.

I have an in-progress review of their 3rd Generation Explorist running Android Wear 2.0 and without a flat tire. I don’t think I would be a happy camper without those two. Then again, it depends on how you plan on using the watch.