Free from Google Play: Gravity (HD movie) and Steve Aoki album

Google Play is back with another round of freebies. First up, Steve Aoki’s mp3-album “Neon Future” is free for a limited time. It has a total of 12 tracks with a 49 minute run time.

Next up, a movie, and a big and recent one! Gravity in HD! That’s the one with Sandra Bullock. For this one, you may have to follow the link from your Google Play e-mail to get it for free, because if you visit the movie’s Google Play page directly it shows a $10 price. If you have a Google Play account, it means you also have an email associated with it. So check there and look for the Google Play email announcing this offer. You must grab it before 1/30/15, but don’t wait until the last minute, sometimes these things end earlier.