Full Size 39″ Electric Guitar Bundle with Amp, Case, etc for $65 w/free s&h

Ziggy played guitar and so can you for just $65 delivered! That’s right, free shipping which is a big plus because a guitar starter bundle is a heavy thing. Okay, let’s start from the beginning. Among the latest offers on eBay there is a Full-Size Guitar Bundle offered for $65 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer. You can select either black or blue color scheme for the guitar. The seller offering this is “BestChoiceProducts” (99.3%). For $65 you get:

  • 39-inch electric guitar
  • 10 Watt guitar amp (unlike an acoustic guitar, you need to amplify the sound to hear it unless it’s total total quiet)
  • basic carrying case
  • guitar strap
  • tremolo bar
  • extra guitar strings

The accessories can add up if you have to buy them on your own, the most expensive one of this group obviously being the amp. It should go without saying, don’t expect to get a perfect electric guitar for $65!