Good options for Prime Pantry Free Shipping “Buy Five” promotion

If you have a Prime Pantry No Rush Shipping store credit that is about to expire soon, and you want to stock up on Prime Pantry type of supplies, there are some good options for the Buy Five Free Shipping promotion at the moment of products you can use (or even donate) easily.

By combining the two offers, not only you don’t pay the $6 shipping fee for the Prime Pantry box, you also get $5 off from the “No Rush Credit”. It includes Nature Valley breakfast bars, some Lara Bars, Hefty trash bags, Planters and Amazon’s own Happy Belly nuts and trail mixes, ultra smooth Dove soaps, Listerine, 100pks of Lipton black tea bags ($3 making it 3c per tea cup), and many more!

Here is an example of both the $5 off Prime Credit and the $5.99 No Rush Credit showing up in the shopping cart. The screenshot is at the top right corner of the Checkout page: