[DEAD] Jan 11-17: free $25 Gift Card with select Kindle Fire and e-readers

This limited time offer expired…

During the week of January 11 until the close of business on Saturday the 17th in 2015, Staples brick and mortar stores are offering a free $25 Kindle Gift Card (which is essentially an Amazon Gift Card with Kindle branding) when you purchase one of three Amazon devices: either the 6-inch Fire tablet for $100, or the 7-inch Fire HD tablet for $140 or the basic Kindle e-reader with touchscreen for $80. This offer is only available through their stores. You also earn 5% Staples Rewards on this purchase (if you are a Rewards member at the 5% level).

TIP: the 2014 Amazon tablets are only called “Fire tablets”, while previous year models are called “Kindle Fire tablets”. That’s one easy way (at least for now) to tell the newer models from the previous models. Assuming of course there are no typos in the product descriptions in the ads since it is a fairly easy mistake to make. Especially at the 7-inch size where Amazon has at least half a dozen different models. The 6-inch size is simple, the 2014 model is the only 6-inch tablet. The e-reader is also fairly easy to sort out, the 2014 model is the only basic Kindle with a touchscreen (the previous touchscreen models had Touch in their name or Paperwhite or Voyage).