June 6 has good freebies for T-Mobile Tuesdays participants: free Trucker Hat and two movie/game rentals

June 6 in 2017 looks like a pretty good haul for T-Mobile customers that are participating in their weekly freebie promotions! You get three freebies and two coupons! The freebies are one physical good (a T-Mobile branded Trucker Hat you can pick up at your local T-Mobile B&M stores) and two digital.

The digital freebies are single-night coupons for Redbox for FREE movie or game rental. Technically one is for you, and one for a friend, but your “friend” can be yourself 🙂 You can use them to rent a movie or a video game. The first night is on them. If you don’t return it, you’ll be charged for every additional night. So a credit card will be needed for the rental even though the first night is FREE.

The other two freebies are actually coupons. If you are a fan of Shell gas, a discount is better than no discount, so that’s a plus for you. The other coupon is rather sad, you buy a Sundae at Baskin-Robbins at full price, and you get a second one for 99c. It’s not even a BOGO coupon. SAD! You can probably do better with other coupons 🙂