Kindle First Choices for December 2016 are available

If you are a Prime member and a book fan, the start of a new month is extra special, because you get one more ebook for free, a pre-release one at that, as part of the Kindle First program. Non-Prime members can buy one of the six choices for $2. All these will be released to the general population on January 1st, in 2017.

Your choices for December 2016 are…

  • “Fate of Perfection (Finding Paradise Book 1)” by K.F. Breene (this one already has 41 customer reviews!)
  • “The Missing” by Caroline Eriksson, Tiina Nunnally in Psychological Suspense
  • “The Original Dream” by Nukila Amal, Linda Owens in Magical Realism
  • “Into the Thickening Fog” by Andrei Gelasimov, Marian Schwartz in Literary Fiction
  • “Sisters One, Two, Three” by Nancy Star in Contemporary Fiction
  • “Hope’s Peak (Harper and Lane)” by Tony Healey in Thrillers


As usual, you don’t have to hurry and pick one right now. You have until December 31st to make your choice, and they are e-books, so they won’t “run out” of copies. IF none of them stands out, you can wait for 1-2 weeks until they get a lot more reviews, which can be helpful is figuring out what to avoid (more so than what to get) 🙂