Kindle First choices for January 2017 are here (pick one from six for FREE if a Prime member)

January 2017 is here and with it, we get the first round of Amazon Kindle First free e-book options for Prime members. As before, you pick one of the six pre-release e-book choices for free if you are a Prime member. If not, you pay $2. If you want to read more than one of the six books, you have to wait until they are released on the first of the following month (February 1st in this case).

The six choices are *drumroll*

  • “The Mutual Admiration Society” by Lesley Kagen in Family Life
  • “The Night Bird” by Brian Freeman in Suspense
  • “Never Again So Close” by Claudia Serrano, Anne Milano Appel in “Lit Fiction” ~ that’s one way to make literary fiction trendy in the eyes of younger readers 🙂
  • “Palm Trees in the Snow” by Luz Gabás, Noel Hughes in Sagas
  • “In the Shadow of Lakecrest” by Elizabeth Blackwell in Historical Fiction
  • “The Winter Over” (Ned Stark would disagree with that statement!) by Matthew Iden in Thrillers

As usual, if none of them screams at you (READ ME NOW!), just wait a few more days until they pick up more reviews. Since they are pre-release, Kindle First-ers are the only ones reviewing them. You have until January 31st in 2017 to make a pick from this lot. eBooks don’t run out 🙂