Kindle First Choices for July 2017 are up, pick 1 out of 6 as usual

It’s a new month, July 2017 is here! We are exactly at the half-way point towards New Year 2018! That’s right folks, time flies! This means, among many other things, a new selection of pre-release e-books have been loaded at the Kindle First page. As usual, Prime members get one FREE e-book from the choice of six, and you can read it right now.

All six e-books will be released August 1st, so if you like more than one, you can get them then. Almost all of these will be part of Kindle Unlimited, so if you are part of that program, you can read them for free when they get there.

So without further ado, here are the six options, one of which is a “Kindle in Motion” format which includes all kinds of multimedia but can still be read with ereaders (obviously without the features that require a touchscreen):

  • “Kings of Broken Things” by Theodore Wheeler in Literary Fiction
  • “A Beautiful Poison” by Lydia Kang in Historical Fiction
  • “Little Boy Lost” by J.D. Trafford in Thrillers
  • “Secondborn (Secondborn Series Book 1)” by Amy A. Bartol in Scifi
  • “Mrs. Saint and the Defectives: A Novel” by Julie Lawson Timmer in Contemporary Fiction
  • “The Sky Below: A True Story of Summits, Space, and Speed” by Scott Parazynski, Susy Flory in Memoirs – this is a “Kindle in Motion” multimedia format