Kindle First options for April 2018 are here: pick 1 out of 6

One of the signs that a new month is here is the arrival of a fresh six packs of e-books under the Kindle First umbrella. Well, the new name is “Amazon First Reads” because they are actually “Hardcover First” but Prime members can get one of those six for FREE in the Kindle format…

Without further delay, the six options are:

  • “Bandwidth” by Eliot Peper in Science Fiction
  • “Monsoon Mansion” by Cinelle Barnes in Memoirs
  • “The Air Raid Killer” by Frank Goldammer in Historical Mysteries
  • “It ends wit her” by Brianna Labuskes in Thrillers
  • “When Never comes” by Barbara Davis in Contemporary
  • “An American Princess” (The Many Lives of Allene Tew) in by Annejet van der Zijl (translated) in Biographies

If more than one of these books sounds promising or interesting, you can buy the rest of them beginning May 1st in 2018. Most of these will also be part of Kindle Unlimited (KU) then, so if you are a subscriber of that service, you can read them all. The “Prime Lending Library” and “Prime Reading” are a smaller subset of KU, so there’s no guarantee any of the above will become available through those free services for Prime members.