Kindle First rebrands to First Reads, still offers free one out of six

It’s a new month, it’s December 2017, and one of the many things a new month brings is a new installment of the Kindle First program, a benefit for Prime members that allows them to pick one “kinda pre-release” e-book from a choice of six, and read it right away. All these six e-books will be officially released January 1st in 2018 for everyone. Non-Prime members can purchase one of the six for $2.

If you like more than one option, you have to wait until January 2018 for your second and third option. Time flies during the holidays anyway, it will be here in no time 🙂 Or you can buy the discounted …hardcovers [see below]

Without further ado, here are the six choices for December 2017:

  • “Daughters of the Night Sky” by Aimie K. Runyan in Historical Fiction
  • “Halsey Street” by Naima Coster in Literary fiction
  • “Pretty Girls Dancing” by Kylie Brant in Thrillers
  • “Only the Rain” by Randall Silvis in Suspense
  • “A River in Darkness” in Memoirs by Masaji Ishikawa
  • “Don’t forget Dexter (no, not the Showtime TV show) by Lindsay Ward in Children

But wait, there’s a twist. While the e-book, and potential audiobooks (Audible or mp3-CD) for these will come out January 1st, Amazon has hardcovers of some of these otherwise pre-release ebooks in-stock and shipping. They call it “First Reads”. The hardcovers are discounted while they participate in these “First Reads” festivities. It is a bit confusing, I must admit 🙂

The other thing is that “Kindle First” now has a new name, “Amazon First Reads” because, well, Kindle is actually last since you can buy the hardcovers before you can get the Kindle versions 🙂