Lucky Rewards members: 500 Points for completing a survey

If you are a member of the Lucky Rewards program, check your email inboxes! They have a promotion that gets you 500 Bonus Rewards Points if you complete a survey. The only way to do this is using the link from their emails. This is a limited time promotion. The points will be added within 24 hours of survey completion.


Their text, as you can see highlighted in the screenshot above, says the results will not be shared with outside parties. I haven’t done the survey yet, so I don’t know what kind of questions they ask. If I ever get around to completing the survey, I will update this post.

500 points is a respectable amount. That’s $5 off a Lucky’s purchase. You can also use your points towards free items that change every few days, but typically you are better off taking the $3 off (300 points) or $5 off (500 points) or $10 off (1000 points) and so forth, since you can use them to buy what you actually want, versus using them up on random reward items. The only exception to that is if the reward item is available at a better “points price” versus the actual in-store price.