Make $15+ qualifying Chili’s purchase, Get 20% in Plenti points

If you are participating in the Plenti rewards program, check your account or your Plenti emails! There is a new promotion for Chili’s restaurants that gets you 20% back in Plenti points on a qualifying purchase of $15+. It is important to understand what qualifies and what doesn’t. If you are not familiar, check the details in the promotion over there. For example, tips and alcoholic beverages are NOT eligible.

You must manually activate this offer. Plenti has two kinds of offers: some are Automatic, so you don’t have to manually activate it, you just buy whatever is eligible. Others, like this one, must be activated first. Activation sounds more complicated than it is, you just click the green button as outlined in the screenshot below.

Strategically this is a good idea if you own someone lunch or dinner. You take them there and pay for it, and secretly earn 20% back without anyone but you knowing 🙂