May 22-29: Starbucks Morning Dash (before 11am local)

The last few Dashes were trying to encourage people to visit their local Starbucks stores after 2pm, but I guess now that the weather is heating up, they want more morning business, because they new promotion that went out by email today wants you to visit before 11am local time.

As usual, you get 50 Bonus Stars if you make six separate transactions before 11am ET during the promotional period, and you get another 50 Bonus Stars if you make eight. Basically once you get to six, you have to get to eight since you get twice as many stars with just two more purchases.

This promotion is running May 22-29 in 2017 (eight days total). You have to first manually activate the promotion by clicking on the appropriate place in the email or the Starbucks app.