May 30 to June 5: Buy 3, Get 100 Bonus Stars

If you happen to enjoy or buy regularly the following items, this new promotion running for Starbucks Rewards members (YMMV; must manually activate it first) will get you 100 Bonus Stars (that’s 80% towards a reward) when you purchase one item from each participating product category between May 30 an d June 5 in 2017.

The three product categories are:

  • any Warm sandwich (excluding breakfast sandwiches
  • any Breakfast sandwich
  • any Evolution Fresh Juice

In other words, you have to get one breakfast sandwich, and one non-breakfast sandwich (eg the paninis). You can’t cover both categories with a breakfast sandwich alone. It would be a lot easier to get this bonus that way 🙂

As far as I can tell, you no longer get credit in these type of promotions for purchases made by redeeming a reward. Only items you pay for earn promotional credits. Another loophole closed 🙂

You can only get one 100 Bonus during this promotion. If you buy more of these trios, you will not earn additional 100 bonuses. But you will continue earning the standard rewards (2 Stars per $1).