Music CD: “Delta Machine (Deluxe Edition)” under $6

If you have a Prime membership, you can put that money to work with a solid music CD purchase, the Deluxe Edition (has four extra tracks) of the comeback album by Depeche Mode called “Delta Machine”, going for just under $6. The standard album has 13 tracks, so you get a total of 17 tracks for about 33c per track 🙂

This is sold by a trio of marketplace sellers competing on price, but all three of them are fulfilled by Amazon, so you get free Prime shipping even if you don’t buy anything else.

Note however that this is not eligible for AutoRIP unless the seller of record is Amazon actual. Amazon’s own price is a wild $17.52. However, once you receive the music CD, you can easily extract the songs in mp3 format and load it or cloud-match it to your favorite online streaming services.