[DEAD] New discounts at Virgin Mobile’s USA website

This sale ENDED in 2015…

If you are a Virgin Mobile customer or interested in becoming one, or you have built-up your prepaid balance to the point where you can use it to buy a new phone, we have good news for you. For a limited time during the holiday shopping season, they have the following phones on new lower price:

  • Huawei Union for $30
  • LG G Stylo for $100 (for fans of Styluses and big screens)
  • LG Tribute 4G LTE for $40
  • Kyocera Rise with hardware keyboard for $30 but HORRIBLE reviews
  • new condition, no contract

You can find these at the Virgin Mobile USA store.

TIP: if you are on a prepaid plan that carries balance forward until you deplete it (as long as you keep reloading your account), you can use your available towards the purchase of the phone. To test this, add a phone to your shopping cart that its price is below your balance, and among the payment options you will notice that one option is to use your existing balance. Some phones may not be eligible, I cannot test them all.

TIP #2: However, the phone price must be completely covered by your balance. You can’t do a split payment. If you are very close to the price, you can always add some more your VM account to get there, and then buy the phone of interest using your balance.