Ovente KP72BR Cordless Electric Kettle for $13

Don’t waste energy and wear out your lovely stove to heat water. Instead you can use a dedicated device that uses up a lot less energy. Like a tea kettle. One such, Ovente KP72BR Cordless Electric Kettle is now on sale for $13 in nice brown color scheme and slightly more (up to $15) in four other colors. These are sold by Amazon.com and other sellers over there. Check to make sure Amazon is the seller. Free 2-day Prime shipping if you are a member! You can buy as many as you like, so if you are not a Prime member, three of these get you free shipping.

As usual with these type of electric kettles, the minimum you can heat is 500ml of water, which is about 17oz. Since most people will pour slightly more to be on the safe side, let’s just say 18oz, which is slightly more than two standard cups (two by 8oz = 16oz). If you are fond of “washing” tea leaves (a good idea for puerhs and some oolongs) or heating/rinsing the teapot or your cup, you can use the extra water for that.

With over 1000 customer reviews, these average 4.3 out of 5 with a solid 7-to-1 review intensity ratio (five-stars vs one-stars). The heating element is not visible, is at the bottom. Which is a good thing. The maximum capacity of 1.7 Liters is roughly around 57.5 fluid ounces. Since most people won’t totally max out, let’s just call it seven standard 8oz cups.