Vinyl LP: Portishead’s Third for $13

It is not often that vinyl albums get priced in CD range, so if you are interested in the excellent “Third” album by Portishead, it is currently going for $13 in new condition at by Amazon actual. You also get the mp3 version of the album instantly when you place your order. Free 2-day shipping if you are a Prime member. Vinyl junkies where are you? 🙂

Nokia Lumia 635 (4G LTE) for $40 (Virgin, no contract)

UPDATE (6/4/15): this is now also going for $40 in new condition for Virgin Mobile at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of three per customer. There it averages a 4.3 out of 5 based on 142 customer reviews.

If you want to try out Windows Phone 8.1 without breaking the bank or getting hogtied in a contract, Virgin Mobile has a great deal for you, for a limited time they have the new condition Lumia 635 4G LTE phone on sale for $40! That’s new condition and no contract. You can use it with any of the eligible VM USA plans or use it as a Wifi-only device. Either way, you have no contractual commitments. It has very decent for $40, Snapdragon 400, 4.5-inch touchscreen, Gorilla Glass 3, 4G LTE (not the going away WiMax), 1GB RAM, 8GB on-board, microSD support up to a whooping 128GB, and such. If nothing else, you can fill up the microSD card with music, and audiobooks and podcasts and have it as a dedicated audio player.

NOTE: this is locked to Virgin Mobile and cannot be used with any other cellular carriers!

June 7-13: Get $20 Gift Card via Easy Rebate with $300+ AMEX Gift Cards

For the brick and mortar shopping week of June 7-13 in 2015, at Staples stores, you can get a $20 Staples Gift Card via Easy Rebate (submitted online, nothing to mail or copy) if you purchase $300 or more in American Express Gift Cards. To get to $300, you typically need two gift cards. With the fees factored in, you typically make a profit of about $7, a 2.33% return on investment with a one month vesting period. Who else can guarantee this type of a return? 🙂


NOTE: The Staples promotions of this kind typically have Easy Rebates. The OfficeDepot/OfficeMax offers have a discount on the purchase price, so you get the discount right away at the register, no rebates, no house gift cards.

16pk Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea for $2.88 (no limits)

If the Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea is one of your favorite teas, you can stock up and give them away as gifts with this limited time offer at Amazon. Their 16-pack is on sale for $2.88. You can buy as many as you like. They are part of the Amazon Add-On program, so you must place an order of $25 or more in order for the shopping cart to allow you to buy them. They average 4.5 out of 5 based on 300+ customer reviews. This sale price for one unit handily beats the price for the 6-pack!

Also on sale for the same price is the 16pk of Yogi Caramel Apple Spice Slim Life Tea (averages 4 out of 5 based on 171 customer reviews).

NOTE: if you sign up for Subscribe and Save, you only lock this sale price for the order you place now. Future orders will be priced at whatever the price is going to be when your future subscriptions are shipped!

Used Presto 02704 Electric Tea Kettle for $13.60

If you are a Prime member or if you plan to place an order over $35 at Amazon, you can get the Presto 02704 Electric Tea Kettle, in “used – very good” condition, in original but damaged packaging for around $13.60 by Amazon Warehouse Deals. This is half the price of the new condition model, so if you are comfortable with used, you can score a low price!

Lucky Rewards Members: free Redbox movie per week (June 2015)

If you are part of the Lucky’s Rewards program, they sent an email today with a new promotion. When you make a purchase at a Lucky’s store using your Rewards card, your cash register receipt will have promotion codes that get you one free Redbox movie rental per week for the month of June 2015. Each free rental is only for one night. If you keep the movie for more than one night, you have to pay for nights #2 and later. As such, you have to provide a payment method when you rent the movie at the Redbox kiosks. Cannot be combined with other offers.

UPDATE: the promo codes work on all Redbox locations, not just the ones inside the Lucky store you got the promo code from.


Free TV Pilots (HD, no ads): Mr Robot & Briefcase & Secrets and Wives

Summer TV season is no longer just an afterthought for a variety of reasons, such as preventing good shows from getting lost in the chaos of the regular TV season, plus more possibilities for new audience joining in later with the various on-demand viewing options. Some of the latest new shows offer their pilot episode in HD for free and more importantly perhaps, commercial-free. These are typically free for a limited time only, but I don’t know when the free offers end:

99c HD Movie Rental: St Vincent (Bill Murray)

For a limited time, Amazon Instant Video is offering a digital rental of the St Vincent starring Bill Murray for 99 cents. You have 30 days to start watching it. Once you start watching it, you have 48 hours to watch it as many times as you like. If you don’t watch it within 30 days of rental date, you don’t get a refund. If you have any digital credits (eg if you are a Prime member and selected slow shipping on previous offers) you may end up renting it for free (if you have credit in your account). I do not know when the offers ends but these are typically limited time promotions.

8.82oz Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Loose Leaf Green Tea for $6.25

If you are a fan of the gunpowder green tea, the 8.82oz Temple of Heaven loose leaf pack is on sale for around $6.25 by various sellers with the orders fulfilled by Amazon. Amazon actual does not offer it. It averages 3.9 out of 5 based on 48 customer reviews.

Apple TV (MD199LL/A) for $62 (limit 10)

Apple is likely to reveal a brand new Apple TV device later this month at WWDC, but if you are cool with the current Apple TV model, MD199LL/A, its price continues to drop, you can now get it for $62 with free shipping, in new condition, with a limit of ten per customer at by Amazon actual. They have a limited time exclusive on HBO Now, which for some, may be good enough reason to buy it if you want to become a cordcutter. $62 is less than what most people pay for a single month of bloated cable packages, but that’s another story for another day.

Starbucks Rewards: Earn 4 bonus stars with breakfast or lunch

Starbucks continues to roll out more Bonus Stars promotions. If you are a member of their Rewards program, check your emails or app inboxes, this new offer runs from June 2-8 in 2015 at participating locations. You don’t have to opt-in, it is activated automatically if you are eligible. You earn 4 bonus stars for each of the following, and you can use this offer as many times as you like during this promotional period:

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Free Samsung Kindle eBook from four choices for June 2015

If you have a Samsung Galaxy device, and you are willing to install the Samsung App Store, and you have a Samsung account to connect it to, every month, you can get free e-book from a choice of four. You can see these by opening the Samsung Kindle app and logging in with your Amazon account. The Samsung version can be installed side by side with the normal Google Play Amazon app, and they each have their own downloaded books.

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Kindle First June 2015 e-book selections are now ready (pick one of four)

Time flies fast, June 2015 has arrived, and Amazon has a new set of four pre-release e-books available through its Kindle First program. Prime members can get one of these four e-books for FREE and start reading it right now. All four are scheduled to be published a month later (July 1st in this case). So the Prime benefit here is double, 1) you can get a free e-book, 2) you read it one month ahead of everybody else.

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Music CD for $5: “Live in Paris” by Diana Krall

The critically acclaimed “Live in Paris” live music CD by Diana Krall is currently on sale for $5 in new condition at and this also includes an instant mp3 version of the album when you purchase the CD. Free shipping if you are a Prime member or if you place a $35+ order. This live album has 12 tracks and was released in October 2002.

14oz Forlife Bell Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser for $20.22

If you are not picky on colors, you can score the 14oz Forlife Bell Glass Teapot with a removaable stainless steel basket infuser for $20.22 at This is the lowest priced among the twelve different color options as of the time of writing. They are all the same, except for the color of the ring-lid. This is great if you are making multiple infusions or brewing small quantities of tea at a time. It averages 4.3 out of 5 based on 12 customer reviews. Free 2-day shipping if you are a Prime member, or free super-saver shipping with a $35+ order. You can buy as many as you like, this is not a lightning deal.