Pay $5, Get $10 Peets e-Gift Card [invited shoppers only!]

Speaking of Peet’s Coffee, Living Social (now owned by Groupon ~ which is why their website looks a lot like Groupon with a different paint job) has an invite-only promotion an electronic Peets e-gift card. Invite-only offers work only if you received an email from LivingSocial that you are eligible for the promotion. Or you can login to your account and try to buy it and see if it allows you or not.

To cut a long story short, for a limited time, you can get a $10 Peets e-Gift Card for $5. That’s a 50% off discount, a great deal for sure! You can use the gift card at the Peets B&M stores or their website.

You can also load the gift card in their Peetnik Rewards app and take advantage of the rewards program offers, which include Free Drink After First Purchase, and a free drink on your birthday every year.

There is a countdown clock on the offer, it looks like it ends Saturday night.

I will update this post after I buy it later today (I have to find my Living Social account or reset the password).

I just completed this order! It is fairly straightforward as long as you remember your LivingSocial password 🙂 If you forgot it, you can do a simple password reset and get going. You can pay with PayPal or do a conventional credit card purchase.

Then click on “View Details”. Then you can redeem it. There are multiple ways. You get a number and PIN, which means you can add it to your account with the web or the Peets app.

I transferred the $10 to my Peetniks default gift card (using the GooglePLAY app). I entered the gift card number and PIN and pressed TRANSFER. It gives you confirmation and such and then your balance increases by $10 and the transaction shows up in your Account History.

Here’s the bottom half of the smartphone screenshot ~ I did not include the gift card number and PIN for obvious reasons 🙂