Phone Plan Price Wars: Sprint offers new 1GB 4G LTE Data with Unlimited Talk and Text plan for $40 per month

The price wars are heating up as T-Mobile continues to generate uncarrier waves and Sprint feels left behind. So it is no surprise that Sprint has now announced a new low priced plan – if you only need 1GB 4G LTE of data per month. The plan becomes available on October 30 (2015).

You pay $40 per month. Half of that gets you unlimited talk and text, and the other half gets you 1GB of 4G LTE data. Once you cross over 1GB, there are no overages. Your data speed just crashes down to 2G, and given how slow 2G is, it’s not a shocker that are offering “unlimited 2G” 🙂

Separately, Sprint is trying to triangulate its “real” unlimited (high speed data) plan, the latest incarnation going for $70 per month with 3GB of mobile hotspot included and global roaming. This is nowhere near the 7GB of mobile hotspot you get with the $80/month T-Mobile unlimited plan, but it’s $10 less.