Refurbished HTC One M7 for $118 [no contract]

If you don’t care for microSD cards, and prefer to get previous generation flagships instead of middle of the road more recent smartphones, among the latest eBay offers you can get the seller refurbished HTC One M7 for $118 with free shipping. This is a former Verizon Wireless phone, unlocked, with 4G LTE and 32GB on-board which is important since it doesn’t have microSD (it was added with the M8).

Per the description, even though this is a Verizon CDMA phone, its GSM part has been unlocked to work with a SIM card, so you have flexibility to use it with US carriers, not just outside the US. It is described as a B+ Stock item, and as usual, there is a higher risk with “seller refurbished” vs “manufacturer refurbished”. The higher risk is often factored in the prices, they sell for less.

It is available in silver, with a limit of five per customer. Already, over 500 units got sold from this listing and the blue option sold out. There is warranty, but the seller offers a 30-day return policy with the buyer (YOU) paying the return shipping. No contract!

The eBay seller for this offer is BidAllies with a 98.4% feedback rating, which is lower than usual, so multiplied by the seller-refurbished, it increases the risk, which brings us to the high-risk high-reward part.