RxBar Sampler (six flavors) for $6 w/free S&H

Curious about RXbars but don’t want to commit to a big order or to a single flavor? If you haven’t made a purchase at their website yet, they have a promotion for NEW customers! You can buy a 6-Bar Sampler for $6 with free shipping. There’s no coupon needed, just add the sampler six-pack to your cart and proceed to checkout. You will receive six different flavors, including my all time favorite “Chocolate Sea Salt”.

These are simple ingredient bars, with the only “offensive” ingredient being natural flavors in some of them. The rest of “real food”, dates, almonds, egg whites, etc. All of them have dates (it’s the glue that keeps them together), so if you don’t like dates or you are allergic to dates, keep that in mind!

These typically go for $2+, so paying $1 per bar, and getting free shipping is a pretty good deal.