[DEAD] RxBars on sale for $1.89 at Whole Foods

UPDATE October 2017: the Whole Foods sale is long over, but there is a new customer offer at the RX Bar website that gets you 14 bars for $20 with free shipping.

Jump aboard the hype train that is RxBar nutrition bars! The Rx is not medicinal, and they don’t taste medicinal, they taste like dates 🙂 They are on sale for $1.89 per bar until 8/23/16 at Whole Foods brick and mortar stores. Here’s photographic evidence, my receipt 🙂


The Whole Foods I went to have five different flavors, including the Chocolate, Coffee, Pumpkin Spice (it’s not a latte!), and Peanut Butter. This price beats Trader Joe which has limited flavors for $2 each, and it also beats the 12-pack price at Amazon. The only way you can get a good deal at Amazon is if you find them in-stock and on-sale at Prime Pantry.

PS: if you are planning a Pantry purchase, make sure you check the Pick 5 August Offer for free shipping.