Samsung Book Deals for October 2016 are up

A new month does not only bring new Kindle First choices but also “Samsung Book Deals”. These are not as common because to get them you have to have an eligible Samsung device, and you have to download the Kindle app from Samsung’s own app-store. A plus of that is that it is more S-Pen friendly than the normal Kindle apps.

Which devices are eligible and for how long depends on which device you purchased and when. The fastest way to find out is to download the app and look under the “Samsung Book Deals” section. If you are eligible, their price will be $0.00. After you pick one of them, the price of the remaining ebooks will be their normal price. If you make a mistake, fear not, you can go to your Amazon Kindle account page (eg and void the transaction.


So without further ado, here are the four choices for October 2016:

  • “Out of the Black” by Jon Rector
  • “Voyage of Strangers” by Elizabeth Zelvin
  • “McFall” by Scott Nicholson
  • “The Other Guy’s Bride” by Connie Brockway

As you can see from the screenshot above, all these are also part of Kindle Unlimited, so they have a developed review profile. In case none of them speak out to you right away, you can use the reviews to filter out which one you want.

None of the above four e-books are part of the new Prime Reading program, but in the future, some of them may also be there. In such cases, you can use the Prime Reading to borrow the ebooks and see if you want to use your freebies on them. Keep in mind though that Kindle Unlimited has over 1 million e-books, while Prime reading has over 1000, so the chances of these being part of Prime Reading, statistically speaking, are fairly low (1 in 1000).