Samsung Book Deals for September 2017 are up!

The start of a new month means a handful of free e-book deals. Prime members get a Kindle First freebie. Anyone who does not passionately hate Adobe DRM can get a free University of Chicago press e-book.

And the most flexible of all, everyone can get a DRM-free SFF (science fiction or fantasy) ebook from Tor, whose freebie promotions only last about a week, and don’t start at a specific date. So you have to pay attention to your emails or this blog 🙂

Which brings us to a lesser known source of free e-books. If you have a qualifying Samsung hardware device, you may be eligible for the Samsung Book Deals. But to get this promotion, you need to download the Kindle app from Samsung’s own app store (whatever they call it these days). This app has the additional benefit of being more S-Pen friendly than the regular Amazon Kindle app.

Better yet, you can have both of them running side by side on your device, and have a different set of ebooks sent to each. A plus if you want to divide your reading in two different apps. I think the only issue with user-sent Documents, at least on my device, both of them seem to be able to see them.

So, in the Samsung app store version of the Kindle app, there is a “Samsung Book Deals” option in the hamburger menu. It’s prominent enough to notice, it has its own little section. Every month, four selection of e-books are available, and you can pick up ONE of these for FREE.

Unlike Kindle First, these are previously released e-books and almost all of them are part of Kindle Unlimited. The benefit of them being previously released is that they typically have a lot of customer reviews at Amazon, so you can use those to help you device which one to get.

So, the options for September 2017 are…

  • “Younger” by Suzanne Munshower in Medical Thrillers
  • “Z 2134” (Z 2134 Series Book 1) by Sean Platt and David W. Wright in Dystopian Horror with Zombies
  • “Rosemary’s Glove” (not love) by Shirley Raye Redmond in Historical Romance
  • “Eight Minutes” by Lori Reisenbichler in Suspense

NOTE: IF you are eligible for this promotion, the price of the e-book MUST BE $0.00 in the Kindle app. If the price is anything other than $0.00, YOU WILL BE CHARGED for it. You can of course cancel the purchase at but that’s something to keep in mind! Some devices are eligible for this promotion for a limited time, while others have a lifetime promotion.