[DEAD] Starbucks Verismo 600 with free box of Verismo pods for $59 (ends Mon PM)

This limited time holiday promotion EXPIRED…

Buried at the bottom of one of the daily Starbucks emails sent to their Rewards members is pretty good discount on their Verismo 600 Brewing system. Good until the close of business on Monday 12/7/15, you can get their Verismo 600 for $59. You also get a free box of Verismo coffee pods. There are some preconditions for this promotion:

  • you have to be a Starbucks Rewards member
  • you have to pay with a Starbucks Gift Card or the Starbucks App
  • you have to buy it at participating brick and mortar Starbucks stores (not their website)


Keep in mind, this is a system that is locked into the Starbucks pod ecosystem. There are third-party solutions if you want to use your own coffee. Regardless, if you are not familiar with these, make sure you search the internets for reviews and opinions. Also note that there are multiple models under the Verismo brand, so when researching, be sure you are reading about the 600.