T-Mobile Tuesdays add a new twist: Free Papa John’s Carryout Pizza within the next four weeks

UPDATE 3/4/17: It turns out the Papa John’s locations near me are closed, so I can’t do this promotion. But I took the screenshots for you. When it’s your turn, you will have an extra block in your Tuesday freebies announcing that it’s your turn. This is per line, so be sure to check all your lines!

As you can see in the screenshots below, you have the whole seven days to redeem this, you don’t have to rush on Tuesday like the crazy old Domino’s offer when the Tuesdays program launched.

Here is a close-up of the terms and conditions and nuances. Unfortunately I can’t do this offer, so I have no further insight:

UPDATE 2/28/17: it looks like the FREE Pizza is randomly offered on a per line basis, not a per account basis. One of my two lines got a free pizza, the other one didn’t. I will update with screenshots and details after I redeem the offer later on. The other nice thing about the free pizza is that you can redeem it throughout the week, in this case until 3/6/17. So by doing this, they are avoiding the chaos that befell Domino’s when every single T-Mobile customer got a free pizza on a single day. With this approach, it is spread out over 28 days.

Very smart move ~ because if it works well for all parties, they will do more. Domino’s got scared out of it and stopped doing it.


T-Mobile has a new twist in their Tuesday freebies. Instead of everybody getting the freebie on the same date, T-Mobile customers will be randomly split into four groups. For the next four Tuesdays (February 14, 21, 28 and March 7), about 1/4th each week will get a free Papa Johns pizza. You have to check the app every Tuesday to see which one is your Tuesday.

The freebie is pretty good, a large one-topping or pan pizza, with online carryout and online order placement. I am assuming this freebie is one per line, and if so, you may want to check all your T-Mobile lines if you have more than one line in your account.

This is the first time they split the offer in four, so we are in new territory. This is however a good idea, because the previous times they tried a pizza promotion (with Domino’s), the pizza company complained they were getting overwhelmed by hungry T-Mobile customers. So hopefully the 4-part split will make things easier for all parties involved (easier for us to get the freebies too!).