T-Mobile Tuesdays for 2/21/17: Movie Rental, Discounts, and some get Free PIZZA

The freebies for the 2/21/17 T-Mobile Tuesdays are not as good as the Valentine’s bundle of last week. It looks like T-Mo is saving some of the best freebies for special holidays and events 🙂 The freebies for this week including another FandangoNOW movie rental (single movie, price up to $5) and two coupons, 25c off per gallon of gas at Shell (great for anyone who already refills at Shell; meh for everybody else), and 25% off a Papa John’s pizza.

But the best deal is the free pizza, which is going to be available roughly to 1/4th of the T-Mobile customers each week until March 7th. T-Mobile is rotating the customers who get this freebie (check the Tuesdays official app every Tuesday), to prevent what happened a few months ago when Domino’s pizza stores got overwhelmed with hungry Tuesday guests.