Android PAY with Chase Freedom: Buy Groceries 5 times, Get $15 Statement Credit

UPDATE 5/25/17
The $15 statement credit is now posted on my account! Woohoo!!! 🙂 Here’s a screenshot of the $15 credit… Click on “View Image” to see a larger size of the picture…

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AndroidPAY: Free Panera “You Pick Two” with $10+ order

Check your emails or Android PAY offers! Google is running a new co-promotion with Panera. If you place a $10+ at Panera using AndroidPAY, Panera will add a FREE “You Pick Two” to your Panera account. You can take advantage of this offer once per week, it’s not once per account, so it’s a big plus for regular Paneraheads. The offer ends 11/24/16.


The “You Pick Two” is a legit reward, you get two half-portions of any sandwich, salad or soup. It’s a solid lunch!

I haven’t done this offer, so all I can tell you is what’s in the emails. I will update this if I do, but I’m trying to cut back on bready sandwiches these days.

Android Pay Offer: $5 off $10+ Yelp Eat24 Orders

Android Pay is running a new promotion until October 15 in 2016, you get $5 off orders of $10 or more using the Yelp Eat 24 app. This is for orders placed via the app, not an in-store/in-restaurant promotion. An email with the details got sent out to people signed up for offers via email, here’s a screenshot of the important part:


The offer can be used multiple times during this time period, however, they have an “anti flooding” mechanism in place, if you place more than one order within one hour, they may temporarily suspend your payment method. I guess to prevent a digital variation of ordering 100 pizzas?