YMMV: 5% AT&T Universal Cashback on Popular Categories

If you have an AT&T Universal credit card, check your email or account or snail mail you may have received from them. There is a new cashback promotion running for the 4th quarter of 2017 that gets you 5% cashback on select popular categories.

There are two dates to remember:

  • you must activate the offer by 11/30/17 (there is a 1-click activation in their email)
  • keep shopping on those categories (after activating) until 12/31/17
  • the maximum bonus cashback you will receive from this promotion is $25, which, when you do the math, evens out at $625 in purchases. You already earn 1% in regular cashback, so the $25 maximum is on the 4%, not the 5%

Here are the categories, in the screenshot:

YMMV (Targeted): 5% back on AT&T Universal card

This offer is a very YMMV, as it appears to be a targeted offer, perhaps to encourage people who are not using their AT&T Universal card as much as their computers think they should be 🙂

If you have received this offer, by email or by mail, it goes like this: you earn 5% as a statement credit on purchase made with the card until 9/30/17. This includes almost all purchases, it is not a quarterly reward type. However, the maximum you can earn through this promotion is a $25 bonus, which means it phases out either at $500+ in purchase or $625+ (if they only count the 4% towards the bonus since you earn 1% anyway with the Universal card).

Excluded are AT&T purchases and similar offers that earn a similar or higher percentage already.

You MUST first activate the offer before you can earn the bonus! Here’s a screenshot of what I received:

YMMV: 5% Cashback with AT&T Universal Card on Computers/Electronics, Toys, Department Stores, Clothing

If you have the AT&T Universal credit card, check your emails or messages on the website. A new offer was pushed out to members, but I have no way of knowing whether this is available to all or a subset of their card holders…

The offer is this: you can 5% cashback until 11/30/16 on purchases in four different store categories: computers and electronics stores (NICE!), Clothing stores, Department Stores, and Toy stores. Exclusions apply (as usual). This sounds nice but it is capped at a $25 bonus cashback. When you do the month, this means your $625 spending in these categories will get you 5%. Anything about that, will get you the standard 1%.

Screenshot of the offer below, highlighting the important parts:


You MUST MANUALLY ACTIVATE the offer by pressing the One-Click button in your email or message.