Targetted: 10% Cashback at Radio Shack (BofA)

If you have a Bank of America credit card, check your latest “BankAmeriDeals”. You may be eligible for a new cashback promotion at Radio Shack. You have to manually opt-in if you are eligible before you can use it. The offer is 10% cashback on purchases at the Radio Shack website or their brick and remaining mortar scores (a lot of them are owned by Sprint, so their fates are inter-linked now).

The maximum cashback is $15 under this offer, in other words, it phases out on purchases above $150. Offer ends 11/20/15. Needless to say, you have to pay with the BofA credit card that this particular offer is linked to.

Here’s a screenshot of the offer (after you accept it) that has all the details highlighted by an internet magic marker 🙂


(YMMV) Get $125 Cashback when you Sign up for DirectTV as a New Customer And Pay with Bank of America Credit Card

This is a promotion offered through the Bank of America credit card Special Offers page. You see these offers after you logon to your account. I have no idea what percentage of their customers are being offered this, so that’s why I am calling it a YMMV.

The offer is this: you are a new Direct TV customer. You sign up for the service directly (their website; not authorized dealers) and pay with your Bank of America credit card, and you will receive $125 cashback in your Bofa account.

I took a screenshot of the offer and highlighted the important parts of the promotion, since that’s better than me rewriting it and potentially creating confusion 🙂


New 10% BofA BankAmeriDeals: Tigerdirect, Veggie Grill, Five Guys, Papa Murphys

If you have a Bank Of America credit card, a new quartet of offers were recently activated. Now I don’t know if these become available to every member or they are targeted to a subset of their cardholders depending on whatever criteria their computer uses.

So with that YMMV out of the way, the four new offers that were recently added are shown in the annotated screen-shot picture right after this sentence: