Get $10 off first two Uber rides with Citibank (new Uber customers)

The credit card company bromance with Uber continues with another offer, this one from Citibank. If you sign-up for a new Uber account (not existing customers), and use your Citibank credit card when prompted for a credit card, and use promo code CITICARD, you will receive $10 off each one of your first two riders with Uber. Terms and conditions apply as usual.

YMMV (Targeted): 5% back on AT&T Universal card

This offer is a very YMMV, as it appears to be a targeted offer, perhaps to encourage people who are not using their AT&T Universal card as much as their computers think they should be 🙂

If you have received this offer, by email or by mail, it goes like this: you earn 5% as a statement credit on purchase made with the card until 9/30/17. This includes almost all purchases, it is not a quarterly reward type. However, the maximum you can earn through this promotion is a $25 bonus, which means it phases out either at $500+ in purchase or $625+ (if they only count the 4% towards the bonus since you earn 1% anyway with the Universal card).

Excluded are AT&T purchases and similar offers that earn a similar or higher percentage already.

You MUST first activate the offer before you can earn the bonus! Here’s a screenshot of what I received:

YMMV 10% back statement credit on AT&T Universal Credit Card

This is a YMMV promotion as it may be targeted. I haven’t been using my AT&T Universal Credit Card (by Citibank) much lately, so maybe that’s why their computer sent me this offer. If you are offered this, AND manually activate it (click on the link in their emails), you will get 10% back as a Statement Credit (not those dinky Thank You points) almost everywhere you use the card. This is not restricted to specific product pages.

The downside though is that this is a maximum $25 statement credit through this promotion, which means the maximum spending with the bonus earnings is just over $250. They only count the difference between your standard rewards and the bonus towards the $25, so if a purchase is eligible for 1%, only the 9% earned will count towards the $25. So it’s about $275~ or so. I can’t do the math in my head this early in the day 🙂

You have until May 31st in 2017 to activate this promotion [if you had been offered it]…

YMMV: 5% Cashback with AT&T Universal Card on Computers/Electronics, Toys, Department Stores, Clothing

If you have the AT&T Universal credit card, check your emails or messages on the website. A new offer was pushed out to members, but I have no way of knowing whether this is available to all or a subset of their card holders…

The offer is this: you can 5% cashback until 11/30/16 on purchases in four different store categories: computers and electronics stores (NICE!), Clothing stores, Department Stores, and Toy stores. Exclusions apply (as usual). This sounds nice but it is capped at a $25 bonus cashback. When you do the month, this means your $625 spending in these categories will get you 5%. Anything about that, will get you the standard 1%.

Screenshot of the offer below, highlighting the important parts:


You MUST MANUALLY ACTIVATE the offer by pressing the One-Click button in your email or message.

Costco launches new VISA credit card for members

If you are a Costco member, the times they are a-changing! It’s goodbye American Express and hello VISA, more specifically, Citibank VISA. That’s the new official credit card for purchases at their stores and website and it comes with a different rewards program. You can see a summary in the screenshot below:


You get the usual 2% cashback for purchases at Costco, except for Gas prices that earn 4% at Costsco but also at other gas stations. Restaurants and travel earn 3%, while everything else that doesn’t fall into the above categories gets the usual 1% default. The gas purchases have an annual cap of $7,000 per year at 4%, and then the usual 1%.

Strategically, you can do better in each of these categories if you participate in the quarterly credit card bonus rewards from Chase, Discover and Citibank. However, those are quarterly and you rarely get enough overlap between them in the various categories to carry you throughout the year. So when you can’t a favorable 5%, Costco’s numbers (on Gas, Restaurants, Travel) are better than a 2% default credit card (eg the Citi Dividend that pays you on the payment end of things).

Remember that Citi Forward has pulled the plug on their generous 5% on Amazon and Restaurants/Entertainment, so the options are more limited now.

Bad News: Citibank reducing rewards for Forward credit card

If you have a Citibank Forward credit card, check your mail or email (depending on how you receive communications from there). A letter from them earlier in the week reveals that the nice 5% reward on “Restaurants, Music, Movies and Books” (which included everything at is going away in June 2016. It will be replaced with a boring 2% for those categories. Everything else will 1% as usual. This is in Thank You points, not “real money”. A silver lining, rewards earned after the new program is in place will never expire. Previously they expired in 5 years. The 100 bonus points for on-time payments will continue forward.

NOTE: Citi may have multiple variations of the Forward credit card. I do not know if the change affects all of them or only a subset.

An alternative for 5% rewards at Amazon is if you are a Prime member, and you get the Amazon Store credit card (not the one by Chase, but the store card), you can earn 5% as it can become a Prime Store card. You can only use the Amazon Store card for purchases.