FILA Men’s Memory Foam Steelprint Shoes for $16 with free shipping

You don’t have to be a Costco member to buy these! And until 2/21/18, they are on sale for $16 with free shipping (plus sales tax if applicable) at the Costco website. They are available in two color options and different sizes. Per the fifteen customer reviews there, these are on the narrow side (and there are no wider options) so keep that in mind. They average 3 out of 5 based on those reviews.

I couldn’t resist the $16 price and I picked up a pair. We have a Text and Pictures Unboxing of them. I haven’t worn them yet, so I can’t opine on the narrowness. I will post updates after I do so 🙂

Kirkland Signature Basic Men’s Athletic Shoes for $7 w/free S&H (Size 11.5 only]

If you wear 11.5 Men’s Shoes or know anyone who does, you are in luck! The Kirkland Signature Basic Men’s Athletic Shoes in the white color scheme are on sale for $7 with free shipping at the Costco website. Anyone can buy it. You may be charged a 5% surcharge as a non-member or not. I haven’t bought these.

But I bought these Fila Trail Shoes going for $20 with free shipping (sizes 8.5 through 12). They average 3.2 out of 5 based on 63 customer reviews over there, but I’ve had no problems with mine that I bought in June 2017. Here’s a text and pictures unboxing of them.

Fila Men’s Trail Shoe for $20 with free S&H

This deal is at the Costco website, BUT you don’t have to be a Costco member to buy it! Anyone can buy it and it looks like you don’t even have to pay the 5% surcharge, and you get free shipping. Mine arrived today and it was even upgraded to free 3-day UPS shipping.

This being the new condition Fila Men’s Trail Shoes for $20 with free shipping. Sales tax is collected where required, which is almost everywhere except for States without sales tax. They are available in sizes 8 to 13, with shipping estimates varying depending on size.

Costco is very spartan in their packaging. They put the shoe box into the outer shipping bag and that’s it. You slice open the gray shipping bag and inside you find the cardboard shoe box. You open that, and you find the shoes. They also include a return label in the package. There is a strong material smell in the cardboard container, so it’s not a bad idea to air the shoes for a couple of days before wearing them.

I haven’t worn them yet, but I just posted Text and Pictures Unboxing if you want to get a good feel for them!

Costco launches new VISA credit card for members

If you are a Costco member, the times they are a-changing! It’s goodbye American Express and hello VISA, more specifically, Citibank VISA. That’s the new official credit card for purchases at their stores and website and it comes with a different rewards program. You can see a summary in the screenshot below:


You get the usual 2% cashback for purchases at Costco, except for Gas prices that earn 4% at Costsco but also at other gas stations. Restaurants and travel earn 3%, while everything else that doesn’t fall into the above categories gets the usual 1% default. The gas purchases have an annual cap of $7,000 per year at 4%, and then the usual 1%.

Strategically, you can do better in each of these categories if you participate in the quarterly credit card bonus rewards from Chase, Discover and Citibank. However, those are quarterly and you rarely get enough overlap between them in the various categories to carry you throughout the year. So when you can’t a favorable 5%, Costco’s numbers (on Gas, Restaurants, Travel) are better than a 2% default credit card (eg the Citi Dividend that pays you on the payment end of things).

Remember that Citi Forward has pulled the plug on their generous 5% on Amazon and Restaurants/Entertainment, so the options are more limited now.

Costco members: Pay $80 Get $100 in Gift Cards from either Peets or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

If you are a Costco member, you can get great deals without even setting foot in the crowded and almost-always busy mega-stores. Case in point, their website has two gift card promotions with a nice 20% discount. You pay $80, and receive $100 in gift cards for either Peet’s Coffee or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. You receive multiple gift cards (five from Peets, four from CBTL that total $100). These are “real” gift cards, not promotional codes, so they don’t expire and have the consumer protections of gift cards as set forth by your state and the retailer.

If you are not a Costco member, you can still purchase these, but you pay a 5% surcharge, so that’s $84 for $100, a 16% discount. Now if you are a regular Peet’s shopper, you have to trade it off with the in-store promotion where you get a free medium drink (of any kind) when you load or reload $25 to your gift card. If you use your freebie on a more expensive drink (eg $5), it comes out to about 20% off as well.